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Have American churches become like ancient pagans?

I am continually amazed at the fact that many (if not most) American churches emulate the ancient pagan religions in one regard: we neglect mission. The only way the minuscule percentage of churches that see people come to faith makes sense is if outreach, mission and evangelism are rarities in those churches. In this regard

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The 1 Question Interim Pastors Can’t Answer

They’re not going to like your answer, no matter what you say, even though they desperately need your help. “Will our church grow if we call you as our interim pastor?” This is a tough question. It is tough because it shows they have absolutely no idea of the right way to hire an interim

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Is it time to dump the Gatorade?

Is it time for you – the Interim Pastor – to give your client church the “Gatorade treatment”? Not the victory celebration. I’m talking about a cold dose of reality, that may be the only thing that will wake a slumbering congregation. The “problem” beneath symptoms and causes Let me suggest that the real problem that

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Book Review: “Turnaround and Beyond”

Note: I developed this book review from one of the Kindle hacks that I demonstrated in another post on this weblog. Ron Crandall’s Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church (Abingdon Press, 2008, Kindle Edition) belongs in the library of every interim pastor, small church pastor and pastor who wants to

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6 ways interim pastors can promote church growth

You’re an interim pastor who’s just gotten the worst career news possible. What do you do after you learn that most of what you’ve been told about church growth isn’t true? How would your ministry as an interim pastor be compromised? Scott Ableman via Compfight It turns out that church growth consultants might just be

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10 Mother’s Day Tips for Interim Pastors

If you are currently serving as an interim pastor, another great opportunity to introduce beneficial change lurks on the next page of your monthly calendar. Mother’s Day (May 12 this year) gives intentional interim ministers the chance to help a transitioning church see ministry opportunity through “outreach eyes.” Most everyone in the church will welcome

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Interim pastors can ride the wave without getting swamped

Interim pastors sometimes find themselves called to a church without knowing that it is on the cusp of explosive growth. This happened to me once before and now it looks like I’m in for my second wild ride. Image credit: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo If rapid growth overtakes an ill-prepared church you (the interim

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