Church Growth

1 Key to Church Turnaround

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. After all, our church has been in sustained evangelistic prayer for more than a year. We followed Jesus’ instructions to “pray the Lord of the hardest to send out laborers into his harvest.” For the past year our church has been serving needs of those living in

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Pinpointing Turnaround Pastors

A church in your bailiwick asks for help. The Search Committee is screening candidates to be the next pastor. They’ve been on plateau – gradual decline if truth be told – for a decade. You’ve got to find a turnaround pastor who can change their trajectory. What do you do? The Denominational Executive’s Dilemma Denominational Executives (DE) of

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What’s Happening in Worship?

Worship in a Variety of Churches After serving five churches, three as Senior Pastor, for the first time I’ve moved to a new region without a call to a church. This has afforded me the opportunity to attend various churches and get a feel for what is happening in worship in the body of Christ.

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Sharing Faith in Post-Christian America, Part 4

 It’s time to stop holding on to yesteryear and start looking for ways to introduce Jesus to our dark world. —Daniel Im, Christianity Today, August 2, 2016 In this fourth and final post, I will explain the missional shift and 7 must does to engage in evangelism in post-Christian America. Remember, four cultural shifts have

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Sharing Faith in Post-Christian America, Part 3

“The Church is the only organization that does not exist for itself, but for those who live outside of it.” – William Temple (Church of England, Let’s be honest. It is hard to swallow that your church doesn’t exist for you. Pastors feel pressured for their church to grow. Members want a place of spiritual vitality

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ShareTheLove Evangelism

Sharing Faith in Post-Christian America, Part 2

In my last post, I referenced individuals from across Christian theological perspectives that have affirmed a fundamental shift in evangelism in a “post-Christendom” world. We have now been hearing this message for two decades.  But we have been slow to adapt. The message? This ain’t your grandma’s world, and what reached her for Jesus won’t

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Sharing Faith in Post-Christian America, Part 1

I will never forget my experience with “Marcus.” We were of different backgrounds, different races. I was surprised he even started to come to the church that I pastored. Wanting to welcome such diversity, we invited him and his wife to our small group. I was surprised when they came. Near the end of a

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