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Satisfied Clients

Pontus Karnsund, Desert Sun Church

“As Bud Brown and his partners invested in me, I received an amazing encouragement and clarity in direction for my leadership. I had ended up in a difficult church, but in the midst of the turmoil their findings helped me to hold on to who I am and emphasize the strengths that are crucial to successfully lead a turnaround church forward. I’m truly thankful to these guys, and I hope that I get to have their continued involvement in my ministry!”

Scott Hodge, Sr. Pastor, Landmark First Church of God

“TAP Boot Camp was awesome! Every pastor of a plateaued or struggling church will benefit greatly this. I understand my mission, and know myself way better than before. It has been an eye-opening, intense, and immensely helpful experience for my ministry. Don’t miss it!”

Samuel Chaffin, Sr. Pastor Brushfork Church

“I just want to thank you guys for your ministry and for the time, effort and work you’ve invested into Turnaround Pastors. After going through TAP Boot Camp in April, my heart, perspective and hope for ministry has changed entirely. I now see ministry from a different angle and I feel better equipped to do what I know God has called me to do, where He’s called me to do it. So thank you guys for the work you’ve done and continue to do!

Since April, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of outreach and God has been faithful. Through a city park outreach we did in September, God has opened up a door for us to do a major outreach this summer in the city park, which is right in the middle of town. However, the coolest part is that I’m beginning to see a mindset change in the congregation towards outreach. People are now coming to me with outreach opportunities they have found for our church!

In our last board meeting, after casting the vision to the leadership, the church has decided to make a substantial investment in remodeling the entire children’s ministry wing of the church.

Casting that vision was something I felt better equipped to do because of my time at Boot Camp. So thank you guys again for your ministry!”

Dr. Esther Cottrell, Director, Ohio Ministries Church of God

“Gary and Gordon, you have been a delight and a beacon of light for us this week. Thank you for giving of yourself and your knowledge, in this new adventure. We are honored to have been “pioneers!” with you.”

Stephanie Fritzman, First Church of God in New Martinsville, West Virginia

Was grateful for all she learned at Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp.

Mike McLain, Pastor of a small rural church.

“I came to a TAP Boot Camp out of desperation!

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Don't give up - there really is HOPE!

We know the frustration of attending conferences, participating in webinars, and reading the latest “how to” books only to end up with nothing: no results, no growth, and nothing but a stack of notebooks, a few receipts, and a discouraged pastor.

It’s predictable! Why? Because the search for the “secret sauce” overlooks your church’s most significant growth resource – you! Pastor Unique shows how to succeed in ministry by being who you are. No need to mimic the rock stars. No need to be someone you’re not. Just learn to be more skillful in using what God has already given you to work with.

Pastor Unique was born when we set out to answer a question: “Why are some pastors gifted at leading church turnarounds but most are not?” We wanted to nail down a solid, more scientifically rigorous answer to this question than formulaic answers provided by the typical case-study approach.