Turnaround Pastors helps bewildered pastors who are stumped by the challenge of revitalizing a stagnant church become confident leaders who have mastered the skills proven to result in church revitalization and turnaround.

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Here's how Turnaround Pastors can work for you:


1. Assessment

“The Birkman is the most amazing assessment tool I’ve seen!  It made it possible for our leadership and me to understand our church and the various roles that would be vital in our ministry success or failure as we moved ahead in the TurnAround – TAP process. This is a MUST INVESTMENT for the future of ANY ministry.”

– Pastor Keith Lamm, D.Min., M.A.

The purpose of our research was to answer one question: “What accounts for the fact that some pastors are skilled at leading church turnarounds while most are not?” Rather than follow the case-study method, we adopted a more scientifically rigorous approach.

Our research identified seven statistically significant leadership behaviors that are causal of church turnarounds. These distinctive behaviors pinpoint the specific behaviors, self-management and relationship management skills, and interests of pastors who lead turnaround churches.

Want to know more? Follow this link to our Research page.

We use The Birkman Method™, the personality assessment tool favored by professionals worldwide, because it paints a rich and detailed picture of an individual.

Birkman is the premier advanced assessment because it reveals and explains more information about behavior, motivations, and personality. The Birkman is unique, and far superior to “typing tools”:

  • It is the only assessment that measures underlying Needs. It shows the support you need from others and your work environment to be your most effective self.
  • It combines behavioral and career information in one assessment. This provides greater understanding of your ideal fit within your church.
  • It examines personality and perceptions in a social context. This helps you manage yourself more effectively and develops greater mutual respect among your ministry colleagues.

Want to know more about The Birkman Method ™ ? Follow this link: Birkman Information.


2. Training

“This was the greatest training conference I have ever been through, and I attend at least 2 to 3 conferences every year!”

– Pastor Jake Eldridge

Equip yourself with the knowledge of what your church must do to move off the plateau and how you will lead them most effectively. By immersing yourself in our Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp training you’ll know exactly where to begin your church turnaround, you’ll have a strategy, and you’ll be confident in the ways God has prepared you for the road ahead.

Your training will be based on rigorous and scientifically valid research that identifies the key components of effective turnaround leadership. But this isn’t an information dump! Turnaround Pastors training is tailored to suit your unique needs. You’ll go away with personal, professional, and church development plans tailored to your requirements and ministry context.

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3. Coaching

“I received an amazing encouragement and clarity in direction for my leadership.

– Pastor Pontus Karnsund

Turnaround Pastors coaching is tailored to you, that’s our promise. Assessment based coaching results in a process suited to your needs, your interests, and your professional development. You’ll immediately recognize coaching that focuses on your skill development, your personal growth, and your mastery of best practices that result in church revitalization.

Your TAP coach will be an experienced practitioner, a pastor who knows what it takes to lead a church off plateau. Together you will develop a plan to build on your Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp training so that you gain mastery of the skills you’ll need to bring revitalization to your church.

Here's how TAP training worked for Brad Ransom,
Director of Church Planting, Free Will Baptists

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Listen to what Pastor Wayne Miracle has to say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and information we received at the Turn-Around Pastor Boot Camp. It is by far the best and most thorough training I have ever received on the specific topic of Pastoral Leadership. It was most helpful to be professionally assessed through the Birkman Profile Assessment, which revealed both our personal strengths and weaknesses as it relates to our own pastoral leadership abilities. Plus, we received a great deal of practical information of how to lead the local church to see turn-around."

"Also, it was helpful to receive very practical “Show-N-Tell” illustrations concerning what pit-falls pastors face. The entire conference was a great blessing to me."

"I only wish I would have received this training when I first started my Pastoral Ministry! I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I only wish every pastor could receive this topnotch training! I would like to thank Bud Brown, Gordon Penfold, Gary Westra, and Kelton Hinton for the expert presentations they made during the Boot Camp.”

Here's how TAP training worked for Danny Williams

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Who does Turnaround Pastors serve?


Why come to Turnaround Pastors?

“Do these guys really know what they’re doing?”

“Is this really worth the cost?”

Those are fair questions. After all, we’re making some claims that appear to come out of left field:
  • How the pastor behaves on the job day-to-day is a crucial, even determinative factor in church revitalization.
  • There are measurable personality differences between naturally gifted turnaround pastors and their colleagues.
  • Every pastor can become a more effective leader – many seeing church growth for the first time in their entire ministry career – by mastering a few best practices.

Don’t take our word for it. We probably wouldn’t if we were in your shoes!

Instead, listen to what our satisfied clients and the experts have to say about our work.

Then, once you’re satisfied that it’s worth a phone call, contact Turnaround Pastors and let’s talk about what we can do to serve you.


Bud Brown

“I love watching pastors and churches have that “Aha!” moment. It thrills me to help pastors expand their skills and lead with confidence in the gifts and skills God hardwired into them. The privilege of providing each pastor exactly what he or she needs to thrive is deeply satisfying. Watching them enjoy success they never imagined possible motivates me to try even harder for them.”


Gordon Penfold

“I’ve observed many pastors over the years. I intuitively knew that some would succeed and others would fail but I could not definitively say ‘why.’ I decided to find out what characteristics set effective pastors apart from other those who struggle. That research allows me to help struggling pastors grow to become more effective in ministry so that their churches may likewise become vibrant, life-giving centers like the church I enjoyed as a new believer.”


Gary Westra

“I loved leading our three-year research project in the dynamics of turnaround leadership. I have committed the rest of my ministry to seeing turnaround in churches in North America that have flat-lined or are declining. I want my coaching and mentoring of pastors, and my leading our team of coaches at Turnaround Pastors, to be a lasting legacy in ministry.”

Get TAP Training for your Key People. You won't be sorry.

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Boot Camps

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We have some FREE resources for you.


Boot Camps

Next one:
February 25 – March 1, 2018
Bristol Georgia


We have some FREE resources for you.


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