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You want comprehensive training, tailored to suit your unique personality, that will prepare you to lead a church turnaround. Turnaround Pastors provides a variety of training options that suit the needs of most pastors. If you’d like to discuss a customized solution, please contact us.


This five day Turnaround Pastors immersion training experience is everything you wish you’d learned in seminary. It is literally “Pastoral Theology 101.” In this accelerated learning environment you will learn about best ministry practices (those ministry activities that are proven to result in church revitalization through conversion growth) and best leadership practices (those leadership behaviors that are proven to correlate with church revitalization).

Most pastors, particularly those who go on to lead church revitalization, enroll in a year of mentorship upon completion of the TAP Boot Camp.


Turnaround Pastors 2 Day training experiences are primarily intended for bi-vocational pastors who cannot take the time for the optimal training of a TAP Boot Camp. Much of the same material is covered, but in an accelerated pace.

The 2 Day Intensive is preceded by a 90 minute orientation webinar. Follow-up consists of two 2 hour webinars spaced out several months apart in order to consolidate the mastery of ministry and leadership principles.


This year-long Turnaround Pastors program provides you the opportunity to walk with an experienced turnaround pastor who is also skilled in using the Birkman profile to help you tackle the unique challenges you face in your personal life and your ministry. The typical mentorship consists of 12 meetings, one per month, with assignments between each meeting.​

TAP Boot Camp

It’s All About Teamwork at TAP

That’s how training for busy, burdened pastors should be done.

That’s how we do it at Turnaround Pastors.

Turnaround Pastors training regimen is based on rigorous and scientifically valid research that identifies the key components of effective turnaround leadership. It is delivered in a unique combination of immersion training – which is easily tailored to suit each pastor’s unique needs – and assessment based mentoring. It results in a personal, professional, and church development plan that is tailored to each pastor’s requirements and ministry context. And remember, you won’t be alone in implementing it — We’ll be by your side.

What you won’t get
  • An impersonal conference experience with hundreds of other pastors.
  • An endless parade of case studies (“here’s how I did it!”) that won’t apply to you or your ministry context.
  • A series of meaningless exhortations to try and be someone you’re not.
  • A notebook that goes on the shelf, likely to never be seen again.

What you will get

  • Training tailored to your unique identity, giftedness, experience, education, and personality.
  • Understanding of the seven significant traits of turnaround leadership identified in our ground-breaking research using The Birkman Method.
  • A plan to master the best practices that are proven to correlate with church renewal.
  • Personal coaching that leverages your unique personality into greater leadership results.
  • Knowledge of how become a wise pastoral leader for a lifetime of effective ministry, “a wise master builder.”
  • A strategy to lead your church into renewal thru conversion growth.
  • Practical, proven ministry strategies that work in any ministry context.

When you finish, you’ll join the chorus of pastors who walk away saying, “Why didn’t somebody tell me this twenty years ago?” At a Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp, wise ministry practitioners will make a personal investment in you. You will learn about yourself and how you can best learn to lead in church turnaround, revitalization, and growth. After your immersion week, your training will continue. We offer a range of continued consulting options that include:

  • Personal ministry mentoring with an experienced, certified coach.
  • Learning community clusters that provide sustained training and accountability.
  • Direct access to your Boot Camp trainers.
  • Additional training services for your church Board, Staff and Congregation.

Don’t labor in isolated despair! Don’t just go to the latest “hot seminar!” Get personalized help for you and your church.

Turnaround Pastors customizes our mentoring approach to fit the unique needs of every client who enters the program. This assessment based approach employs each client’s Birkman Method profile to insure that the mentorship focuses on skill development and personal growth in those areas that impact the ability to lead a church turnaround.

Starting from the client’s profile information and goals, we walk alongside the pastor as he or she engages in the change process.

At times the mentor uses coaching techniques, realizing that the client knows the ministry context better than the mentor/coach. In this way the client is encouraged to clarify their own thinking processes, evaluate their decision making, and listening to God as they traverse the course of personal and professional development.

Using the Birkman Coaching Report With Workbook to Mentor Pastors

In this informative, practical webinar Turnaround Pastors will introduce the Birkman Coaching Report With Workbook and show you how to use it to become a more effective coach of pastors and church staff. This customized Coaching workbook helps you mentor a pastor in ways that are uniquely suited to that protégé’s specific personality. This enables you to help them accelerate mastery of the mission critical leadership skills required to lead church revitalization. Topics included in the Coaching Report With Workbook:

  • Communicating With Others
  • Relating to People Socially
  • Interacting Within Teams
  • Response to Structure and Change
  • Making Decisions
  • Creating Your Ideal Work Environment
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Potential Issues
  • Areas to Explore

Contact Turnaround Pastors to find out about next Birkman Coaching Report With Workbook: when the webinar is, what it costs, and where to sign up.



For people considering our services.
$ 0
  • Let's have a talk and see if Turnaround Pastors services are a good fit for you.


Take the Birkman & schedule your consultation
$ 595
  • The complete Birkman Method™ Profile
  • Three 1-hour TAP coaching sessions to interpret and start a development plan


$ 595
  • 4 ½ days of Turnaround Pastors immersion training in best leadership and best ministry practices
  • This is a “hands on” experience, you’ll come away with a plan that you can start on immediately

February 25 – March 1, 2018

South Georgia Free Will Baptist Association

Bristol, GA

The Conference will be hosted by the South Georgia Association of Free Will Baptists. The Conference will be held at Piney Grove Freewill Baptist Church,  1944 Piney Grove Church Rd, Bristol, GA 31518.

The costs for this Boot Camp are as follows:

April 8 – April 12, 2018

Johnson County Baptist Association

Selma, N.C.

This Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp™ will be hosted by the Johnston Baptist Association of Selma, N.C. 4 1/2 days of immersion training in the best ministry and best leadership practices that lead to church turnarounds! Registration price includes the Birkman Method online survey.

September 23 – September 27, 2018

Pacific Conference Evangelical Church

Portland, OR

Watch for details to come.


$ 150 per Hour
  • Discounts available for TAP Boot Camp participants

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Boot Camps

Next one:
February 25 – March 1, 2018
Bristol Georgia


We have some FREE resources for you.


Boot Camps

Next one:
February 25 – March 1, 2018
Bristol Georgia


We have some FREE resources for you.


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