question-markWhich of these headline leads reaches out, grabs you by the throat, and sinks its thumbs into your windpipe?

  • What’s the proper reaction to the video of the ranting pastor berating his congregation?
  • Did you know your reaction to an online video reveals whether you’re the pastor of a growing church or not?
  • How does your reaction to the ranting pastor berating his congregation on the Internet reveal your leadership potential?
  • Why Pastor Search Teams should use the viral video of the ranting pastor to screen potential candidates.
  • What does the sensational Internet rant reveal about the pastor and what does your reaction say about you?

I’m working on a magazine article that teases out the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and leadership in growing churches. There is excellent research that identifies the 5 key competencies that distinguish pastors of growing churches from pastors of plateaued or declining churches.

Which of those headline leads grabs your attention? Or maybe you’ve got something better. If so, I’d love to hear it!

P.S. Thanks to all my friends, colleagues and connections from LinkedIn. I look forward to your comments.