Are you the one buying all those books?

In spite of surging sales of tablets, smart phones and uber-light laptops, book sales continue at a healthy clip.

At least in one market niche.

According to a still-fresh report at the Barna Group, pastors on average buy 3.8 books per month, and 92% of us buy at least one per month.

Since I’ve been on a tear lately – gobbling up what I can from the relatively slim catalog of books for Turnaround Pastors, I thought I’d pass along some suggestions.

These are books specifically about turnaround pastors or, in a couple of cases, books of interest to turnaround pastors. A couple identify issues inimical to nonturnaround pastors even though they don’t use the term.

I’m sure there are probably some others out there that I’ve missed, but here are my suggestions.

Books for Turnaround Pastors


What have I missed? I’m sure there are others that treat the issue of turnaround and nonturnaround pastors. What should I be adding to my reading list?