Our brains create powerful nerual pathways known as “habits” that help us get through the day. They are very difficult to unlearn.

The Human Brain Resists Change

The human brain creates habits to help ease our way through the day. Habits reduce the bandwidth demands on the conscious part of the brain.

A habit is a network of neural connections that form something like a program or subroutine that launch automatically when triggered. When your feet hit the floor in the morning, a set of habits are triggered. You always put on a shirt in the same sequence; right arm, left arm, shrug your shoulders, start buttoning from the top. All your other morning routines follow a programmed sequence of steps that get you up and running with no conscious thought on your part.

Once established, habits become a powerful control system. When we’re stressed or anxious, or tired they are almost impossible to control.

When you introduce change, the church system and the neurology of its members become anxious. Because those habits related to conduct in church no longer get them through a church service, they are disoriented. They get upset, and they blame you!

Their neurological networks are in control. They aren’t. And neither are you.

The system and the people automatically resist the very thing the church needs, a leader who will implement change!