We couldn’t have written “Pastor Unique” without the support of many dear friends who have supported us with words of encouragement, private intercession in our behalf, and their generous financial gifts.

We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank these people (and we hope that we have not inadvertently forgotten to mention anyone!)

Our deep and heartfelt thanks to these partners:

  • Justin Tull
  • Allyn Robinson
  • Tom and Sandye Boelts
  • Denny McQuaid
  • Brian Hodson
  • Lisa Lard
  • Steve and Marci Sanders
  • Gene and Diane Dull
  • Carl and Rita Jean Strauss
  • Michael and Roberta Josephson
  • Kirk and Victoria Wilson
  • Pontus and Becky Karnsund
  • Nancy Ohanian
  • Michael and Rachelle Skehan
  • George Prescott
  • Mike Axthelm
  • Troy and Kim Killin
  • Michael Mugg
  • Dean Brown
  • Sean Eddy
  • Rich and Mel Wisely
  • Joy and Randy Schafer
  • Steve Jackson
  • Rick & Kristi Krueger
  • Ron and Rebekah Green
  • John Arguelles
  • Rebekah Schmidt
  • William and Shelly Judd