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Bud Brown

Why Pastors Resist Change

The anxious seminary students waited for the sociology professor to hand out the final exam. Fifty percent of their semester’s grade hung in the balance. She distributed the exams and told them to begin. They were stunned. Many were angered. There were no questions, only a large black dot in the center of the page.

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Bud Brown

Why Pain Precedes Change

Only once has a physician told me, “This will hurt.” The anesthesiologist prepping me for eye surgery brandished a long, curved hypodermic needle more suitable for use on horses than my eye. Although he had me loaded with morphine, the injection into my optic nerve was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. But when it

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Break the Sound Barrier
Gordon Penfold

Break the Sound Barrier: An Essential for Restoring Relationships

  Multiple issues challenge churches, marriage, and interpersonal relationships that experience conflict.  Two are nearly always a part of unresolved conflict.  Both involve the tongue.  Everyone recognizes the first—gossip. For example, in a suicide, a woman wrote, “They said . . .” and never completed her statement before she took her life. The gossip was

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Gordon Penfold

A Tale of Two Barns –A Tale of Two Churches

Dr. Gordon E. Penfold Co-founder of Turnaround Pastors, Inc.   The Two Barns   “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times . . ..” So begins Charles Dickens’,  A Tale of Two Cities.  I would like to parallel that truth with two barns and two churches. The analogy will

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Gary Westra

Four Powerful Reasons Your Church Should Celebrate Pentecost

Quick question! When is Pentecost Sunday this year? Sunday, May 20.  Did you know?  Maybe not. Why? Because there is no “Pentecost Bunny,” stores have not decorated a month ahead of time for Pentecost, and there are no “Pentecost sales.” In other words, Pentecost has not been co-opted by commercialism or consumerism. I recently noted

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Bud Brown

Where to push for church revitalization

Was Sisyphus the first pastor to attempt church revitalization? The Greek gods punished Sisyphus, king of Corinth, for his arrogant, deceitful ways. His eternal punishment was to push an immense boulder up a hill. Just as he was about to crest the hill, the boulder rolled back to the bottom. Thus, arduous and futile tasks

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Boot Camps

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