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Bud Brown

3 mental barriers to growth

Sometimes the obstacle to a church’s growth is lodged between the ears of the person many call Pastor. Plateaued churches are often stuck due to three factors in a pastor’s thinking: neurological, sociological and psychological. Neurological barrier: Dunbar’s Number “If we start a second service, we won’t be able to know everybody!” Pastors bump up

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Bud Brown

5 reasons pastors must be assertive

There are at least five reasons why the pastors of plateaued and declining churches should master the skills of assertive leadership. 1. Plateaued churches need assertive pastors. Plateaued churches are on a plateau for a reason. They’ve settled into habits of busyness that no longer produce meaningful spiritual results in the lives of the members.

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Bud Brown

7 signs “the problem” isn’t the problem

“You two — stop that! Don’t you know it’s impolite to run up and down the aisles in church?” It was clear why that church had a hard time attracting families. Julie (not her real name) made it known that she didn’t like children. But Julie wasn’t the problem. She was only a symptom. Several

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Bud Brown

How to rise above conflict

Hostility, sabotage and open conflict. That is the lot of the pastor who leads change. Anyone brave enough to be pastor must possess steel in the spine, ice water in the veins and a steady hand at the helm. The American church needs a pastor “who is less likely to become lost in the anxious

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Bud Brown

2 Reasons Pastors Give Up

Over the past five years, my colleagues and I have noticed a disturbing trend in plateaued and declining churches. Many of them are staffed by: pastors who have given up. pastors without hope. pastors convinced revitalization efforts are futile. pastors who ignore offers of help. I don’t have hard numbers because to date we haven’t

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Bud Brown

Increase Evangelism By Changing Attitudes

“If something doesn’t change around here, nothing’s going to change.” Eighty percent of the American clergy—those leading plateaued or declining churches—sing that lament. When push comes to shove they will all tell you, “I want the church to change how they behave in the matter of _______.” Some pastors fill that blank with “evangelism.” Others

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