Pastors who have been scarred, wounded and bruised – often the result of a forced exit – may wonder if they’ll ever again be used in the Lord’s service.

If that describes you, take cheer. PIR Ministries stands ready to receive you for recovery and restoration. It is a long, slow process, but there is hope in allowing the healing to proceed at its own pace. Roy Yanke – one of our contributors – has written of this in a recent article, “The Slow Track – a pattern of restoration for exited pastors.”

Counter to the tendency of our times, more thought needs to be given to the big picture. I have become an advocate of “time” when it comes to any process of restoration to ministry after an exit or fall. Instead of rushing on to the next call, or desperately trying to cobble together a quick way back, perhaps a different approach is needed. A time for healing and reassessment, to get our heads and hearts in the right place again, may be a better way. With time, and the right environment, the pastor and his family can experience the kind of restoration that leads to wholeness and healthy ministry for the future.

Check Roy’s article and bookmark their website. Who knows? You may need them sometime.