Chances are you’re in a church that’s on the plateau, or on the down hill slide. The chances are great, in fact. 85% of the churches in America are either stuck on the dime or they’re in a death spiral.
It takes a special kind of pastor to turn these churches around. But those pastors are few and far between.

That is why churches are closing left and right. Thousands of once vibrant congregations turn off the lights, close the doors and quit every year.

That’s why most pastors – when you can get them to open up and share their real “stuff” – are discouraged. They feel like failures because, no matter how hard they try, it just isn’t enough.


Even pastors of churches that seem to be thriving struggle with discouragement, depression and thoughts about quitting the ministry Despite desperate prayers, long hours of hard work and every trick in the book, they’re stuck. They’ve tried everything. Nothing’s worked.

  • They’ve prayed and fasted
  • They’ve scoured the scriptures
  • They’ve sought wisdom and counsel
  • They’ve been to the seminars and conferences
  • They’ve read all the books
  • They’ve worked with a coach

And what do they have to show for all that effort?


  • Lots of useless notes
  • Stacks of three-ring binders that will never be opened again
  • A shelf full of books that promise to make it rain
  • An arm load of files filled with “must do” projects
  • A discouraged congregation
  • Desperate feelings of fear and failure
  • Thoughts about quitting

Where does a desperate, discouraged pastor turn when nothing else has worked?



How do we know that we can help when all else has failed?

  • Our research has discovered statistically reliable data about pastors who have and can lead turnarounds.
  • We have pinpointed the distinctive practices and behaviors that characterize how turnaround pastors conduct themselves and their ministries.
  • We have developed effective ways to teach discouraged pastors how lead church turnarounds.



I was cynical about what another test could tell me after all the testing I had gone through in the process of becoming ordained, but I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate and applicable the results from the Birkman were. Most other tests either identify problem areas or areas of interest. The Birkman helped me to understand better how some of my stress behaviors could affect my effectiveness in ministry (and we all know that there are stresses in ministry). I also gained additional insight into why certain aspects of my work were so fulfilling and others so challenging for me. Overall I felt the Birkman test results combined with coaching from Rev. Dr. Gary Westra allowed me to be my best in ministry.

Rev. Rebekah Schmidt
Still Waters United Methodist Church

As Bud Brown and his partners invested in me, I received an amazing encouragement and clarity in direction for my leadership. I had ended up in a difficult church, but in the midst of the turmoil their findings helped me to hold on to who I am and emphasize the strengths that are crucial to successfully lead a turnaround church forward. I’m truly thankful to these guys, and I hope that I get to have their continued involvement in my ministry!

Rev. Pontus Karsund
Desert Sun Baptist

Gary and Gordon, you have been a delight and a beacon of light for us this week. Thank you for giving of yourself and your knowledge, in this new adventure. We are honored to have been “pioneers!” with you.

Dr. Esther Cottrell
Associate Director, Ohio Ministries Church of God

“TAP Bootcamp was awesome! Every pastor of a plateaued or struggling church would benefit greatly from this. I understand my mission, and know myself way better than before. It has been an eye-opening, intense, and immensely helpful experience for my ministry. Don’t miss it!”

Scott Hodge, Sr. Pastor
Landmark First Church of God

“Thanks for a great week. The time with you and Gary was life-changing! This was awesome. I wish I had known this stuff years ago. It would have saved me so much grief in my ministry.”

Drew W.,Pastor from Ohio

I am new to being a Senior Pastor. Even though I have been involved in the ministry for over 30 years; as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the military, as an Associate Pastor for over 11 years, and now as a Senior Pastor for two years, I thought I had a pretty good resource of tools in my tool belt. I couldn’t have been more naive. I attended a Pastor’s Bootcamp and my eyes were opened.

So, many things were taught during this time. The Birkman Assessment, and the numerous reports that help us in areas that we didn’t realize we needed assistance with. Now I am receiving some coaching, have a mentor, and I am involved in Cluster Groups with other ministers that attended the Bootcamp to continue to grow as a spiritual mature Christian.

I have learned so much, I am anxiously awaiting to the follow-up Pastor’s Bootcamp in a years time. God Bless those that are a part of this wonderful ministry.

Pastor Harold Boyd
First Church Of God Norfolk

State Men’s Ministry President

“Thanks for a great week. The time with you and Gary was life-changing! This was awesome. I wish I had known this stuff years ago. It would have saved me so much grief in my ministry.”

Drew W.
Pastor from Ohio

I had an amazing week. Thanks for your time. I know time is one thing we never get back and I am certain your time and the time of the other brothers and sisters will reap a generous harvest. What strikes me about you is your passion. I don’t see that in people I am around.

Duane B.
Pastor from Indiana

I have already been sharing with those who are willing to listen and the response has been favorable . . .One fact I was reminded of this week: The church is the only organization in the world that does not exist for its own members. I am truly excited about the future of our church and feel more equipped to tackle some of the tough challenges that lie ahead, including a couple of bullies.

David D
Pastor from Ohio

We know it works. Pastors have proven it works. The research is solid, the results are reliable and reproducible.


Now it’s time to roll our findings out to the rest of the world. Our vision is to train 100,000 pastors to become turnaround leaders in the next 10 years.

The next milestone toward our goal is to write the book And that’s where we need your help

So far we’ve done everything out of our own pockets. Recruited the subjects. Gathered the data. Run the analyses. Paid for the statisticians. And we’ve done it out of our own pockets.

But writing the book is beyond our means. It is going to take six months’ of devoted effort from all three of us. We will have to forsake a regular paycheck. That will give us time to write and publish our book.

But we need still need to put beans and tortillas on the table. Oh, and paying those utility bills would be nice, too.

So we need to raise $35,000 ASAP. This will enable us to finish the book before the end of the year.

Join us in this important ministry to pastors by hitting our GoFundMe page!

Will you help pastors who desperately need it?