Training Pastors

1 great new coaching resource for pastors

Check out If the content is half as slick as the design this should be a real winner. We’re all in for coaching at Transition Ministries Group. Time and again we’ve had seasoned, experienced pastors finish their first interim with us and, in one of the final coaching sessions, tell us, “Why didn’t somebody

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Interim pastors – a seminar for you

The Alban Institute is offering a seminar that should interest many an intentional interim pastor. “Dealing with Difficult Behaviors” has several learning objectives that belong in every interim pastor’s tool kit. What will you learn? To identify when a problem is actually being caused by a difficult person and when something else is the root

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12 signs you need an intentional interim pastor

Welcome to all of you who’ve clicked through from Thom Rainer’s website. We’d like to send you a free copy of Eternal Life – see the details at the end of this post. What’s your first move after your pastor tells you he’s resigning? You’ve got to get this right because you’re setting up the

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1 powerful technique to revolutionize church hospitality

Turnaround pastors have a unique opportunity to permanently change the trajectory of church hospitality. Our “information gathering” in churches doesn’t even capture the majority of guests. Auxano research shows that five to eight percent of your worshipping community will self-identify as guests. Therefore the number of guests in one year is: [ (Ave. weekly worship attendance)

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10 reasons why interim pastors need special training

Interim pastors serve a unique role. A church calls an interim pastor for a fixed period of time to deal with a defined set or problems. The interim pastor may be hired to provide pulpit supply while the search committee looks for the next pastor. An interim pastor could be retained to provide leadership during

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3 easy ways to wow church visitors

[dc]A[/dc] previous post asserts that extraordinary hospitality for church visitors isn’t hard. Eliminate the things church visitors dislike, set the bar for church hospitality higher and it’s more likely they’ll return for a second visit. Now that you’ve cleared the deck of things church visitor dislike let’s turn up the “wow” factor. Let’s re-think church

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Church Visitors: 10 Steps to Improve Visitor Retention

Church visitors are probably more important to the Lord than they are to the church they visit! The fact that they willingly endure the rigors of trying a new church shows God is working in them (I touched this briefly in a previous post) Church visitors are  an opportunity and a challenge to static, declining and

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Letting the Father welcome your guests

Making guests comfortable – even when they are few and far between! – is a “mission critical” task for churches in transition. In fact, failure in this area is often one cause for the decline that led to securing the services of a skilled transition pastor in the first place. In the various churches I

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Church Visitors: You can spot ’em a mile away

Ed and Mike are typical church visitors. One afternoon they were crunching through the forest leaves, headed for their favorite deer stand when Mike collapsed in a heap. Mike cried out, “Ed, I need a priest! I need a priest!” “Why, what’s wrong?” Ed asked. “I think I’m dying. I need a priest to give

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