10 Things every pastor should stop doing

You’ve only got 168 hours in a week to get things done. If you’re going to lead a turnaround church, you’ll need at least twice that many hours, just to get things moving in the right direction! Well, a bit of an overstatement for the sake of illustration – but not by much! The point

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How to rise above conflict

Hostility, sabotage and open conflict. That is the lot of the pastor who leads change. Anyone brave enough to be pastor must possess steel in the spine, ice water in the veins and a steady hand at the helm. The American church needs a pastor “who is less likely to become lost in the anxious

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Relationships: 1 Key to Church Turnaround Leadership

It’s a stark fact most pastors wish they could avoid. The person most responsible for leading a dying church into life and growth sits in the chair behind the desk in the office that says “Pastor” on the door. The problem is that most pastors have no idea how to do it. The problem is

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3 Crucial Theological Attitudes for Every Pastor

at·ti·tude ˈadəˌt(y)o͞od/ noun a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. If an attitude is a “settled way of thinking and feeling,” there are three crucial theological attitudes pastors need to “settle.”  And then settle them again.  These three attitudes will permeate your

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Motivation “how to” for harried pastors

Pastoral ministry is a boiling cauldron of relentless deadlines, impossible demands, unreasonable expectations, and inadequate resources. Pastors are either eggs, coffee beans or potatoes. When you drop them into the boiling pot they’ll harden (eggs), get mushy (potatoes), or become rich and savory (coffee beans). Motivation – the reason(s) why we do what we do

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The foolish pastor’s guide to self-worth

They couldn’t have been more wrong. They thought they were all that and a bag of chips because they did well on a task they’d been given. They figured the Boss would be all over them with praise. They were walking on clouds. But they missed it by a mile because they bought into the

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10 Promises That Will Change Your Church in 2015

This is it. You’ve reached decision time. You’ve got to decide whether 2015 will rehash everything that’s gone before. Or will it be different? Is it the year your church breaks out? It can, but only if you promise to start doing things different. Here are 10 promises you can make, Pastor, that will change your church in

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3 Leadership Lessons From A Gadget Designer

Turnaround pastors can learn a lot about leadership from a guy who designs gadgets for a living. Seriously. The designer’s relentless focus on form, function and beauty should be part and parcel of every pastor’s philsophy of ministry. These “best practices” are hallmarks of the successful Turnaround pastor. Case in point: Jony Ive, Senior Vice

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