Pastor’s Mission

Conditions for successful Turnaround Pastors

“Make corporate propaganda feel like folksy truisms” is how one Ad Director summed up his job. A Lifeguard said that her job consisted of “insuring that stupid people remain in the gene pool.” How would you summarize the job description of a pastor who is charged with turning a dying church around? Your answer will

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The Turnaround Pastor’s Greatest Challenge: Making Disciples

What’s the Turnaround Pastor’s greatest challenge, the one that outweighs all others? Maybe you think it’s one of these: Getting the church on a solid financial footing Eliminating unproductive programs and activities Renewing passion and vision in the church’s leaders Resolving long running conflicts between members Initiating church discipline against an errant saint Discerning God’s vision Revitalizing stale worship services

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4 Things the Bible Doesn’t Say About Pastors

I’ve noticed that there are some myths about pastors floating about in the evangelical pond these days. Have you noticed them, or is it just me? Maybe I’ve noticed them because I finally have time to look around. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve always been a rebel. I’ve always been an “Oh yeah? Show

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10 Signs A Pastor’s Lost Direction

How does a pastor know if he’s lost his bearings or if he’s off to a slow start on the day? Is that sense of being overwhelmed with the ministry a healthy dose of humility or a voice warning that she’s off course? This is one of the most important questions you’ll ever face as

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