Pastoral Care

Break the Sound Barrier: An Essential for Restoring Relationships

  Multiple issues challenge churches, marriage, and interpersonal relationships that experience conflict.  Two are nearly always a part of unresolved conflict.  Both involve the tongue.  Everyone recognizes the first—gossip. For example, in a suicide, a woman wrote, “They said . . .” and never completed her statement before she took her life. The gossip was

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Why Pain Must Precede Change

Only once has a physician said to me, “This is going to hurt.” The anesthesiologist prepping me for eye surgery then produced a long, curved hypodermic needle that looked like it should have been used on horses rather than on the human eye. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Suffice it to say that, even

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Relationships: 1 Key to Church Turnaround Leadership

It’s a stark fact most pastors wish they could avoid. The person most responsible for leading a dying church into life and growth sits in the chair behind the desk in the office that says “Pastor” on the door. The problem is that most pastors have no idea how to do it. The problem is

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What Pastors learn from ANE kings …

There’s a “gotcha” in the Bible’s term for the person your church calls to do the preaching, run day-to-day operations, and superintend the church’s ministry to its members and its mission field. The New Testament uses four words for the church’s spiritual leaders: “elder,”1 “overseer,”2 “shepherd,”3 and “teacher”.4 They all refer to the same person.

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5 Leadership Lessons Learned By Disappointing Others

Life’s most important lessons are often the costliest. They may cost suffering. They may cost time. They may cost failure. They may cost loss. They may cost loneliness. Some even cost money. Life has taught me some hard lessons. God will provide when the cupboard’s empty and the paycheck stopped coming in. You will recover

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