Pastoral Authority

Conditions for successful Turnaround Pastors

“Make corporate propaganda feel like folksy truisms” is how one Ad Director summed up his job. A Lifeguard said that her job consisted of “insuring that stupid people remain in the gene pool.” How would you summarize the job description of a pastor who is charged with turning a dying church around? Your answer will

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When it’s a waste of time to train pastors …

Pastor Fred (not his real name) was excited, energized, and confident after attending a Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp. He learned what to do and how to do it. Tom (not his real name), a key lay leader in the church who attended the Boot Camp with Fred, was on board. Maybe, just maybe, this would

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Common Advice That’s Bad Advice

“Don’t change anything for a year!” That has been an adage forever for a pastor who is new to a church. I wish I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard it. (That is a nickel indexed for inflation.) The concept includes some truth. It can be expressed in several ways. First, “Seek first

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Whatever you think of Pope Francis…

Whatever you think of the Pope, he knows the power of pulpit, symbol, & compassion. He walks in the way of faith, hope, & love. Today it was reported that Pope Francis met with 2o women who were rescued from the sex trafficking trade. He again showed spiritual leadership. It led me to post this

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What Pastors learn from ANE kings …

There’s a “gotcha” in the Bible’s term for the person your church calls to do the preaching, run day-to-day operations, and superintend the church’s ministry to its members and its mission field. The New Testament uses four words for the church’s spiritual leaders: “elder,”1 “overseer,”2 “shepherd,”3 and “teacher”.4 They all refer to the same person.

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What is God’s intention for pastors?

A personal story – one that has the happy fortune of also being true! – illuminates why pastors and churches find it hard to answer this question. The sad reality is although the answer is clear in the Bible, no one likes what they find there. I didn’t see the ambush for myself. I got

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10 signs a pastor’s lost direction

How does a pastor know if he’s lost his bearings or if he’s off to a slow start on the day? Is that sense of being overwhelmed with the ministry a healthy dose of humility or a voice warning that she’s off course? This is one of the most important questions you’ll ever face as a

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4 tactics interim pastors use to build trust

How do you quickly establish trust with a new congregation when you know there’s hard times ahead? You’re new to them, they’re a bit worried about what you’re going to do and they’re not sure if they can trust you or not. What do you do? Interim pastors must earn trust from the client church.

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