Pastor Search

Taking the Guesswork Out of Pastoral Selection

What would it be worth if you could pinpoint which pastor candidate will succeed in leading that stagnant church through turnaround? What would it do for your confidence as a member of that Pastor Search Team if you knew the candidate you’re recommending has what it takes to revitalize your church? How much easier would

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Pinpointing Turnaround Pastors

A church in your bailiwick asks for help. The Search Committee is screening candidates to be the next pastor. They’ve been on plateau – gradual decline if truth be told – for a decade. You’ve got to find a turnaround pastor who can change their trajectory. What do you do? The Denominational Executive’s Dilemma Denominational Executives (DE) of

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3 Reasons it’s stupid to prefer older pastors

What do you tell a discouraged seminary graduate who runs into the dreaded “10 years minimum experience” requirement? I recently spoke to graduating seminarians about the daunting task of finding vocational ministry employment in today’s church culture. During one of the Q&A sessions this question came up. I offered some specific guidance on how to approach

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3 Reasons It’s Stupid To Prefer Younger Pastors

My guess is that most pastor search committees are set on “stupid”. Stupid because their qualifications screen out some of the best and brightest, denying their church the leadership it needs. Stupid because they prefer younger pastors over seasoned pastors to fill the empty slot on their org chart. I’ve seen this stupidity in action,

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Is this the Interim Pastor’s most important task?

Interim pastors have plenty of “crucial” tasks to accomplish when leading a church in transition. But if everything’s important then nothing’s important, right? So let tell you my thought on the the interim pastor’s most important skill: training the pastor search team. Why is this the most important of all the other important tasks? Because

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Use one of these when looking for an interim pastor

There are two ways to find an interim pastor (or any pastor for that matter). Cast a wide net. Wait for something to swim into it. Or use one of these. This post is Part 3 of an ongoing (by fits and starts) series about how to retain a skilled interim pastor. Part 1 offered

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 2

The first article in this series offered guidance on three issues that churches considering retaining an interim pastor need to address. Deciding on the kind of interim pastor your church should retain. Determining the cost of retaining an interim pastor (and what a church stands to lose if it doesn’t) The church board’s first task

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 1

So you’ve answered the question. A decision is made. After prayer, discussion, consultation and considerable discussion – and conducting a brief assessment – the church‘s leaders agree: we need an interim pastor. They turn to you and ask, “Will you take the lead in helping us find an interim pastor?” Now what?

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