Why Pain Must Precede Change

Only once has a physician said to me, “This is going to hurt.” The anesthesiologist prepping me for eye surgery then produced a long, curved hypodermic needle that looked like it should have been used on horses rather than on the human eye. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Suffice it to say that, even

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Why Pastors and Churches Prefer the Status Quo

They just couldn’t bring themselves to kill the midweek children’s program. It had been singularly unproductive for years. The leader had refashioned a once prosperous program – produced by a well-known parachurch organization – to suit her ow needs and interests. The results were predictable: it was a failure. The church Board couldn’t do the

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Why pastors and churches won’t change

Think you’re up for the challenge? Chances are 9:1 against your being able to pull it off. Here’s the scenario: You’re sitting on the exam table, wearing that silly bit of material, when the door swings open. The physician, a specialist who is a widely respected authority and noted specialist in your particular ailment sits

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1 Helpful Tool for Church Revitalization

You got to know who’s out there! Since this is my blog post, I get to define a couple of key terms. That’s one of the benefits of writing; you get to be sovereign in your own little world, even if no one else is in it! In the world my colleagues and I inhabit,

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Jesus’ Resurrection Gives Hope to Dying Churches

Your church doesn’t have to be a grim statistic. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – other than steadfast refusal to rejoin Jesus’s mission to prohibit the revitalization of a church on plateau or in serious decline. If Jesus could be raised from the dead, it is a small thing to resurrect your church. Churches

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Relationships: 1 Key to Church Turnaround Leadership

It’s a stark fact most pastors wish they could avoid. The person most responsible for leading a dying church into life and growth sits in the chair behind the desk in the office that says “Pastor” on the door. The problem is that most pastors have no idea how to do it. The problem is

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