“Navigating From the Pulpit”

I’ve finally found time to start on a project that has been in the works a long, long time: a book that will hopefully furnish transition pastors with a few tools that will help them effect change in stalled and declining churches by reconnecting them with a clear view of God’s mission in the world

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I can do it myself!

Lainey is two years old. Well, a few days shy but regardless of what the calendar says, our granddaughter’s in the “terrible twos.” You’ve seen that stage of life: non-stop hyperactivity from dawn to dark, unfamiliarity with the word “No”, tantrums when corrected, rigid inflexibility and towering impatience! When a two-year old decides “I can

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The Transition Ministries Group is a ministry devoted to providing resources to help churches going through difficult transitions to navigate the turbulent waters and emerge so that they are poised to reach their God-given potential. Our mission is to insure that a sufficient pool of skilled transition pastors exists so that every church will be

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