Preparing a new research project into values

A colleague and I are a survey instrument to research how the values of growing churches (conversion growth) compare to those of plateaued or declining churches (little or no conversion growth). The objective of the study is to determine if there is a discrete set of values that distinguishes growing churches. The primary tool will

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10 fresh approaches to the interim pastor’s sermon application

How does an interim pastor keep the sermon “takeaway” fresh week in and week out? The preacher’s job is to get people to see themselves in the mirror of God’s Word (James 1:22-25). But this can become a tough challenge for interim pastors. The developmental tasks before the church shapes our preaching calendar. Since the

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10 Sermons every preacher must preach

What is your plan for faithfully declaring “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27)? That’s a tall order, isn’t it? Whether you preach topically, follow the lectionary or favor the expository (verse-by-verse, book-by-book) method it would take an entire preaching career in one church to do an adequate job of covering everything from Genesis 1

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8 items worth clipping into Evernote

There are a lot of rich offerings in this week’s blogosphere. I’ve book marked a few of the best articles from around the web for import and tagging into my Evernote file. Maybe you’ll find some value in these: Seven types of people who surround leaders 9 Reasons your church needs to host a 5k

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10 churches I won’t serve as interim pastor

You’re an interim pastor looking for the next call. A potential client church is toying with the idea of retaining your services. After the first consult you get a gut feeling that something’s not right. If you don’t dig further or if you jump in because you need the job you may wake up one

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Make ’em relish that interim pastor’s report

How do you get church folks to read the important stuff? Like, say, that assessment report that details the problems and maps out the solutions? Cut it up into tasty pieces that they can handle, one at a time. Interim pastors have to deal with a dilemma when it comes to the assessment report. You

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Why I’m angry with church planters

I’m angry at church planters. Well, two of them at least. Twice I’ve been called as the intentional interim pastor to churches that had been ill-served by the planting pastor. Both churches were in financial trouble, on the verge of ruin, and in serious danger of losing their properties when I was called. Both churches

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8 strategies to use when you’re overwhelmed

Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers and podcasters. I’ve read his  Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World [affiliate link] and I’m a subscriber to his Platform University membership page. I look on him as the coach I’ve never met, never talked to; his stuff is that helpful in my work as an

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6 ways to deal with an interim pastor’s self-doubt

Things aren’t going the way you planned. Progress has run into resistance from those who once championed the cause. You’ve tried everything you know to do but nothing seems to break the log jam. Now attendance is beginning to dwindle and so is the income. Then you start to ask, “Am I up to this?

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