One word that will revolutionize your decision making

AND Image Credit: Julia Manzerova via Compfight Three letters. A simple conjunction. It coordinates two items of equal syntactic importance. Use it to replace another conjunction when framing an important decision. Instead of OR, use AND. Interim pastors often have to train lay leaders how to make good decisions. Teaching them to use this word

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7 advantages interim pastors get from a journal

There is one good reason why interim pastors should journal regularly. When they do, they enjoy seven ministry advantages. The one reason you should maintain a professional journal is because every once in a while you’ll run into a problem where you’ll be your own best advisor! When that happens your advice to yourself will

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10 reasons interim pastors rock

They leave before it is expedient that they take a powder They have enough good sermons to last for the transition period They help church folks define their own ministry vision They are stalwart folk; you can shoot ’em and they keep on going They love training people to succeed in ministry They don’t panic

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Should the interim pastor exercise discipline in this case?

Should the interim pastor to exercise church discipline in this case? Is it ever permissible for an interim pastor to discipline someone who isn’t technically guilty of a sin identified as such in scripture? Imagine this scenario. [Caveat: this is not a situation I’ve encountered, and by posing this scenario I’m not making any comments

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3 Steps to winning sermon applications

How do you craft a killer sermon payload (the application) that pierces the hearts, inflames the minds and precipitates resolve in your audience? You visualize the goal. I’m an expository preacher by conviction and by experience. I’m also a bit of a geek. I love grammar and syntax, I love tracing the argument of a biblical

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Do you know the 7 marks of discipleship?

Can you give a clear, concise and biblically accurate description of a disciple of Jesus? If so, you are a select member of an elite club. I wonder if most ministers – let alone most Christians – really know what their ministry’s “finished product” is supposed to look like? I’m being reluctantly dragged to the

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