Turnaround Pastors Know Who They Are. Do You?

Turnaround pastors give unique answers to two important questions, answers very different than those given by their ministry colleagues. What is true about me because I’m made in God’s image? What is true of me because I am in Christ? Although I don’t have definitive proof – yet – I suspect that turnaround pastors are uniquely

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Turnaround Pastors: What’s their secret?

Turnaround pastors know a secret sauce – that magic formula that brings fresh hope and new life to stagnant churches They know a covert recipe the rest of us don’t.[1] Some just have a knack for turning dead churches into vibrant ministries. Would you like to know how? Even if you weren’t born with the recipe hardwired

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May we ask for your help?

We need your help. We are planning a resource that will help pastors create a personal and professional development tool that is tailored specifically to them. The working concept is a tool that will accomplish two things: Provide pastors with an objective evaluation of their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses Create a personal and

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Can Turnaround Pastors Fake It?

Do you like sushi? If so, the next time you visit your local sushi bar order up a plate of finely pulverized white fish mixed with flavoring, salt, egg, flour and binders draped in red food dye  Sounds appetizing, right? This is  why some of the solutions served up to stagnant and declining churches are

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10 Reasons We Must All Be Turnaround Pastors

There’s a surprisingly simple solution to the problem. We must all be turnaround pastors. But you need to see the problem before the solution makes sense. The Church in America is losing ground. Churches are failing to keep up with America’s surging population. We are fighting a rearguard action in the “culture wars” while many

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How an “Aha!” moment changed my life and my ministry

You’d probably attribute it to blind chance or dumb luck – if you don’t believe that God governs the course of our lives in detail. Two years ago I set out to write a brief work entitled “Navigating Through the Storm: Using the Pulpit to Steer the Course.” It was intended as a digest of TMG’s

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Interim pastors have to pull teeth in turnaround churches

At first, it was hard to pinpoint. The only clue was an occasional sense something wasn’t right. In time it was followed by a dull ache that cropped up on occasion. The frequency increased, but the discomfort never lasted long. Finally, I mentioned it during my semi-annual dental check-up. She asked, “Have you been experiencing

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Will this make delegation easier?

Michael Hyatt’s post, ““>What Tasks Should You Delegate First?” is a must read. Money quote To grow—both personally and organizationally—you have to increasingly focus on those high payoff activities where you add the most value and get rid of everything else. The beauty of Hyatt’s post is its simple wisdom and the practical tool he

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