Why Turnaround Pastors Embrace Debate Others Avoid

“Because I’m the mean dad and I said so.” That’s the “magic response” I stumbled into by accident. It has this amazing power to stop the unending chain of “Why?” questions emanating from toddlers and small children. I used it on my children after four or five, “But why, Daddy?” queries when they weren’t asking

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Where would you draw the line?

How would you react when the church you’re serving as an intentional interim pastor gets wrapped around the axle over a basic “Christianity 101” doctrine of the faith? The last thing you need is a “headache” but you’ve also got a call – to speak to the needs of the congregation that were surfaced in

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How Do You Spot a Turnaround Pastor?

Listen to what they focus on when discussing the problems in their churches. If you’ve followed our posts about the pastor’s ego needs, you probably could have figured this out on your own. But now that we’re well into our research on the distinctions between turnarond and non-turnaround pastors, the anecdotal information is beginning to

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Turnaround Pastors – Reading Recommendations

Are you the one buying all those books? In spite of surging sales of tablets, smart phones and uber-light laptops, book sales continue at a healthy clip. At least in one market niche. According to a still-fresh report at the Barna Group, pastors on average buy 3.8 books per month, and 92% of us buy

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I’m a guest blogger!

Check out my guest post “How Does Jesus Want Us To Handle Money?” at Ray Edwards’ website. Ray is a direct response copy writer, a man who is incredibly generous with his wisdom and insight. I’ve profited tremendously from simply following Ray’s blog and podcast for the past year. Thanks, Ray, for the chance to

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Turnaround Pastors – What Others Are Saying

Is the lack of turnaround pastors really a problem? Or am I a little boy with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail?   I’ve written on needy pastors – those who will find it very difficult to be turnaround pastors – here and here. A “needy pastor” is one who tries to

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Become a turnaround pastor by cutting loose!

Can you be a turnaround pastor if you’re tied in knots by your need for praise and affirmation? No You can’t. Craving praise and affirmation robs you of emotional independence, a hallmark of effective turnaround pastors. An earlier post[foot]”Turnaround Pastors Know Who They Are“.[/foot] cites the evidence that this is a hallmark – an essential distinction

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Turnaround pastors are immune to this deadly addiction

Addiction ruins many pastors. Philip Seymour Hoffman died with a heroin needle in his arm. That was his drug of choice, his means of escape from a life of futility. Do you know the addiction that kills more ministries and churches than all others? The Needy Pastor’s Drug of Choice

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