Surprise! 2 pastoral values that predict church decline

There are two surprising values held by pastors who preside over church decline. Two of the most cherished evangelical values have negative correlations to church growth. One of these values is at the very heart of evangelicalism itself. Pastors who score this value exceptionally high – higher than their evangelical colleagues – are far more likely to lead declining

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Train Turnaround Pastors: 1 Surefire SBC Strategy

The SBC has a problem. They’re lacking turnaround pastors who can lead churches in the right direction. A recent article, “Southern Baptist Pastors Hope to Revitalize Hundreds of Churches in Decline“, lays it out. About 800 to 1,000 Southern Baptist congregations cease to exist annually, largely due to a stagnant vision among the leadership and

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Did they teach you this stuff in seminary?

I didn’t learn any of this stuff in seminary. Maybe they taught it one day in a pastoral theology class. If so, I missed it. I have a seminary education. I’m glad of it. But in the almost 30 years since I graduated, I’ve learned the important stuff they didn’t teach in seminary. Spiritual Maturity

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1 question reveals how turnaround pastors lead

Turnaround pastors are distinguished by how they deal with one question. Not by their answers. By how they deal with the question. “Is the church for believers or unbelievers?” Every pastor has to field this one. Turnaround pastors reject the question as posed. They know it’s a trap so they reframe it, putting the issue

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3 Reasons it’s stupid to prefer older pastors

What do you tell a discouraged seminary graduate who runs into the dreaded “10 years minimum experience” requirement? I recently spoke to graduating seminarians about the daunting task of finding vocational ministry employment in today’s church culture. During one of the Q&A sessions this question came up. I offered some specific guidance on how to approach

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4 responses to the new megachurch next door

Bad news. You just got word that a mega- multi- church is metastasizing again, throwing up a campus down the street. They’ll probably open with 1500 or more their first Sunday. Worried that some of them’ll be yours? The message in your says, “Time to panic ‘cuz the big dog’s moving in.” What do you

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3 Reasons It’s Stupid To Prefer Younger Pastors

My guess is that most pastor search committees are set on “stupid”. Stupid because their qualifications screen out some of the best and brightest, denying their church the leadership it needs. Stupid because they prefer younger pastors over seasoned pastors to fill the empty slot on their org chart. I’ve seen this stupidity in action,

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Is this the piece missing from the Interim Pastor’s puzzle?

Are intentional interim pastors missing an important piece of the puzzle? How do we explain the fact that some churches are receptive to change and others aren’t? Where do we turn when we’ve used up our best chops? We’ve conducted a thorough assessment We’ve lead the transitional leadership team in developing a plan Our preaching

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