Why was it okay for Paul to worry when he tells us not to?

If it was okay for the apostle Paul to worry, where does he get off telling us we can’t? Paul suffered anxiety Paul was a worrywart at times. He felt a great obligation to bear the Gospel to the Gentile world (Romans 1:14). Even with the Holy Spirit’s enablement, his service at times felt like

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If you’re afraid of multi-site church this is the book for you

Is the multisite church movement good, bad or something in between? This question is being pressed upon pastors and small churches with increasing frequency and greater urgency than ever before. It’s hard to miss all the cheerleading in the press, on the bookshelves and at popular conferences. But there’s not much comfort for small church

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7 Qualities Jesus Seeks In His Church

It’s been five years since I’ve had a church to call home. Three interim churches, a couple of moves and now I’m adrift. It’s time to start looking for a church where I can be one of the folks. What should I look for? I think I’ll look for the things Jesus looks for and

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Avoid these 6 Bible verses to grow your church

There’s a simple way to plan your preaching and increase church attendance at the same time. It came to me while I was reading Thom Rainer’s recent article, Why Playing it Safe as a Pastor Is the Riskiest Move You’ll Make. He got me thinking about how we try to grow churches on the shifting

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10 people turnaround pastors push out the door

Turnaround pastors face a grim reality. When they introduce change that will eventually produce life and growth in the church, people will jump, many without good reason. It is painful to watch because, with a little patience and a little mentoring, these folks could probably be rescued to the cause. But there are others that

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The Bible’s 2 easy steps to honoring pastors

Does your pastor receive the honor and respect he deserves? Most don’t. Do you know how to honor and respect your pastor? Or could you use a little help? The Bible helps us out by giving some simple, clear directions in this regard. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 (ESV) says this: 12 We ask you, brothers, to respect

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4 Things the Bible Doesn’t Say About Pastors

I’ve noticed that there are some myths about pastors floating about in the evangelical pond these days. Have you noticed them, or is it just me? Maybe I’ve noticed them because I finally have time to look around. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve always been a rebel. I’ve always been an “Oh yeah? Show

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4 Things Jesus Never Said About Church

I’m going to jump in the deep water here. I’m going to swim against the riptide. Why am I dumb enough to jump into deep water and swim against riptides? Because Jesus never said anything about a lot of the stuff we think is important in a church. A lot of “practical ecclesiology” is stuff

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What happens when pastors value preaching too much?

Is it possible to overemphasize the importance of preaching the Word to the detriment of the church’s numerical growth? Is it possible to overemphasize local outreach so much that the church actually decreases in size as a result? Apparently so. These are the shocking findings (at least on the surface) recently published. Authors David Dunaetz

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