Cling to the mission if your church is about to crash

What does a discouraged pastor hang on to when he can’t pull the church out its death spiral? You’ve tried everything. Nothing’s worked. The death spiral continues. Crashing and burn is inescapable if the church maintains the course. You’re worn out. Discouraged. Defeated. You blame yourself even though you did it “by the book.” It’s

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How do you get God’s attention?

What do you have to do to get God’s attention? Not much, as it turns out. The Bible tells us that God actually wants direct contact. He cherishes his time with us and wants more of it. As much as he can get! The the creation stories we read that God wants lots of people. And

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Why did God create you?

Why did he bother? He bothered because he has plans for you. Great plans. Plans beyond your wildest imagination. C. S. Lewis caught a glimpse in the Chronicles of Narnia, but he didn’t see the half of it. But on this he was spot on: God created you to reign in his Kingdom. That’s the point

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Does your church fit God’s Kingdom program?

Pastor, are you still trying to make sense of what God’s doing in your church? Do you know how your life and your work dovetails with his? This is the place to start. I promise that things will make sense if you stick with me for a few weeks. If you read this series of

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Where bewildered Pastors go when there’s no place to go

You’re the pastor. They want you to lead them this off plateau. You’ve tried everything but nothing’s worked. Where do you turn? You’ve got a shelf filled with dusty three-ring binders from conferences you attended looking for help. You’ve got a stack of dog-eared workbooks you’ve ransacked looking for answers. You’ve got a metastasizing collection

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Funny Church Signs 2/12/2015

I’ve been buried in research and writing course lectures for the last three weeks. I need a bit of levity today, so enjoy these funny church signs with me! Funny Church Signs [slideshow_deploy id=’5857′]

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Stun your guests with God’s surprising grace

Church visitors, especially those who have never been to church before, are often amazed to learn of God’s love and grace. It amazes them to hear that God loves all people. That’s the experience we want them to have on their first visit. Well, that’s what we’d like every person to experience every time they’re

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Guess what I learned by looking for a church?

Who knew that finding a church would be so hard? For the first time in 28 years we found ourselves living in a large city, looking for a church where we fit in. The intervening 28 years we’ve lived in four small communities in largely rural counties. In each of those communities we easily found a

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Turnaround Pastors Tell New Hospitality Stories

Is it time to tell a new story? Sing a new song? Turnaround Pastors know how to harness the power of narrative – the stories we tell ourselves – to change the culture in a static or dying congregation. In this post we’ll explore how writing new narratives can revolutionize a common trouble spot in

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