Turnaround pastors never stop pushing vision

Leading a stalled church in a genuine turnaround – one that leads to conversion growth and spiritual growth – demands the pastor’s finest communication skills. Turnaround starts with a sustained push of mission, vision and values. The objective is transformation: people viewing themselves and their church In a whole new light, which is cast by

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Consultants are servants, not experts

Sometimes I’m ensnared by a subtle trap that lays in wait for the hapless church consultant. When pastors and church leaders pay attention to whatever bit of advice or wisdom I may have to share, I’m lulled into the mistaken notion that I’m the expert. Recently, and thankfully, I was disabused of this silly notion.

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Turnaround, Salvation Army Bldg, Fort Collins

Avoiding Dry Rot in Ministry

When working as an engineer in Fort Collins, our firm was hired to do some renovation work on a historic downtown building. At the time, this red brick building housed the Salvation Army ministry (pictured above). The edifice consisted of a basement and three upper levels. The nearly 100-year-old structure possessed character and distinctive architectural

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bootcamp logo 2015

Training Pastors @ Boot Camp – it works!

Training pastors in an intense, concentrated week. The Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp offers unique value because it combines reliable research on effective turnaround leadership, the biblical foundations of pastoral leadership, and proven tools that work in any ministry setting. Our training program includes:

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Training Pastors: Boot Camp A Success!

The last week of April 2016 was a milestone for Turnaround Pastors. Not only was it a blessed opportunity to serve pastors at our Boot Camp, hosted at the Craigsville Campground, we made a giant step forward in moving our research findings using The Birkman Method deeper into the training. A common refrain, repeated by

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church communications volunteer

Church communications in 30 minutes a week

If you could help your church communications problem from your living room, would you do it? A laptop computer, some free software programs, and 30 minutes a week are all you need to become part of the solution to one of your church’s problems: communications! Church communications woes Church consultants will tell you that church communications appear on

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Motivation “how to” for harried pastors

Pastoral ministry is a boiling cauldron of relentless deadlines, impossible demands, unreasonable expectations, and inadequate resources. Pastors are either eggs, coffee beans or potatoes. When you drop them into the boiling pot they’ll harden (eggs), get mushy (potatoes), or become rich and savory (coffee beans). Motivation – the reason(s) why we do what we do

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5 reasons for optimism about church turnaround

Turnaround church leadership casts gloomy pessimism over many a pundit’s outlook. Some focus, needlessly, on the risks, the grim statistics, and the likelihood of failure. Who wouldn’t think twice about tackling a church turnaround when someone asserts that 70% of turnaround efforts fail? (It’s almost enough to make one question the unspoken belief that Jesus

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Book Review: Smarter Faster Better

Charles Duhigg’s latest offering, Smarter Faster Better, is engaging, illuminating and informative. This carefully researched volume identifies eight distinctions between high performance people and organizations and the rest of the world. Those distinctions revolve around how the top achievers view the world and frame the choices before them. Each chapter uses a true story as

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