7 Must-Does for Evangelism in Post-Christian America

The British missionary Lesslie Newbigin went to India around 1950. There he was involved with a church living ‘in mission’ in a very non-Christian culture. When he returned to England some 30 years later, he discovered that now the Western church too existed in a non-Christian society, but it had not adapted to its new

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Increase Evangelism By Changing Attitudes

“If something doesn’t change around here, nothing’s going to change.” Eighty percent of the American clergy—those leading plateaued or declining churches—sing that lament. When push comes to shove they will all tell you, “I want the church to change how they behave in the matter of _______.” Some pastors fill that blank with “evangelism.” Others

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Praying the hard prayer for the sake of God’s mission

Would you intercede with the Lord on behalf of ISIS if your pastor asked you to? How would your congregation react if you told them to petition God to bless government officials who resist the church’s desire to expand? Praying for people that have insulted, injured or ruined us is the last image that comes

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The high cost of low expectations

The American Church is suffering the high cost of low expectations. I’m not referring to the low expectations that consumer driven churches have of their members. I refer to the low expectations our American way of “doing church” places on pastors. They burn themselves out, and churches use them up, chasing low expectations. Although these

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Turnaround pastors never stop pushing vision

Leading a stalled church in a genuine turnaround – one that leads to conversion growth and spiritual growth – demands the pastor’s finest communication skills. Turnaround starts with a sustained push of mission, vision and values. The objective is transformation: people viewing themselves and their church In a whole new light, which is cast by

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Turnaround, Salvation Army Bldg, Fort Collins

Avoiding Dry Rot in Ministry

When working as an engineer in Fort Collins, our firm was hired to do some renovation work on a historic downtown building. At the time, this red brick building housed the Salvation Army ministry (pictured above). The edifice consisted of a basement and three upper levels. The nearly 100-year-old structure possessed character and distinctive architectural

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20 Reasons Your Church May Not Be Growing

In a post on “Church and Culture Blog”  (https://www.churchandculture.org/Blog.asp?ID=4727) titled, “20 Reasons Your Church May not be Growing,” James Emory White makes a point about church growth and health: growth is often about “removing barriers.”  He says, “…you don’t have to ask yourself how to grow your church. You have to ask yourself what is

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