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Will this make delegation easier?

Michael Hyatt’s post, ““>What Tasks Should You Delegate First?” is a must read. Money quote To grow—both personally and organizationally—you have to increasingly focus on those high payoff activities where you add the most value and get rid of everything else. The beauty of Hyatt’s post is its simple wisdom and the practical tool he

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Be a master problem solver by doing nothing!

When should an interim pastor step back and let the client congregation figure it out for themselves? My default mode as an interim pastor can handicap a church. Too often I respond to a problem by thinking, “I’m the interim pastor. They hired me to fix things.” And then I fix things. I’ve learned that

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Never again wonder where you filed it…

How do you file a document that could be stuck in any of a half-dozen folders and make sure you’ll be able to find it again? Take your recent sermon from 2 Corinthians 9. It’s a real gem that reflects some of your best exegetical work, it’s a fine expository sermon and it touches on

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Why It’s A Smart Idea to Silence Complainers

Since you will be dumber for listening to them, doesn’t it make sense that interim pastors ought to silence the whiners and complainers in their client churches? Letting them complain doesn’t solve anything. Ignoring them may calm your nerves but everyone else is still left on edge Letting them complain invites a culture of criticism

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End those “What happened to all the updates I just made?” moments

When was your last tear-your-hair-out @^%$!~ moment because all those lovely edits to that sermon/newsletter/blogpost/article disappeared? DraftControl will put an end to those gut wrenching, cold sweat on the forehead moments. It hums along quietly in the background to automatically tracks changes while using your favorite word processor to write or edit that literary gem. Every

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How Interim Pastors Build Trust With Churches

How does an interim pastor gain the trust of people burned by the departing pastor? You’d better know the answer this one or they won’t trust you. If they don’t, they won’t follow. If they don’t follow, you fail. It’s not your fault. The departed pastor took advantage of his position. He didn’t cooperate with

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6 Traits of Effective Interim Pastors

Do you have what it takes to be an effective change leader, a skilled interim pastor? For that matter, how do you know if you’ve been called to serve as an interim pastor? I guess the answer is the same for every variety of vocational ministry. As my favorite Bible college teacher told a group

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15 podcasts that shed light on the biblical world

I’ve discovered a “magic learning” tool that works like a champ. If this had been around when I was a seminary student – back in the analog days of pencils, typewriters and paper – I might have graduated several years earlier. Podcasting. This is an incredible tool. All I need are a podcast player (iPhone

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4 Kindle hacks make Kindle books more useful

Can you use Kindle hacks to integrate your Kindle books with your Bible software? Wouldn’t it be great if Kindle hacks allowed access to Kindle content from your Bible software? You’ve got hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, journals and magazines in your Bible software, but your software’s publisher has overlooked volumes you use regularly. It

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