Why Pastors Resist Change

The anxious seminary students waited for the sociology professor to hand out the final exam. Fifty percent of their semester’s grade hung in the balance. She distributed the exams and told them to begin. They were stunned. Many were angered. There were no questions, only a large black dot in the center of the page.

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Who says it’s not about the numbers?

What should you do first when someone says, “it’s not about the money”? That’s right. Reach for your wallet. Because it really is about the money. What should you do when a church leader says, “it’s not about the numbers”? Stop and think – carefully. Then ask them, “Why not?” Who says it’s not about

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When it’s a waste of time to train pastors …

Pastor Fred (not his real name) was excited, energized, and confident after attending a Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp. He learned what to do and how to do it. Tom (not his real name), a key lay leader in the church who attended the Boot Camp with Fred, was on board. Maybe, just maybe, this would

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Help Us Help Your Pastor

Chances are you’re in a church that’s on the plateau, or on the down hill slide. The chances are great, in fact. 85% of the churches in America are either stuck on the dime or they’re in a death spiral. It takes a special kind of pastor to turn these churches around. But those pastors

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Is this the Interim Pastor’s most important task?

Interim pastors have plenty of “crucial” tasks to accomplish when leading a church in transition. But if everything’s important then nothing’s important, right? So let tell you my thought on the the interim pastor’s most important skill: training the pastor search team. Why is this the most important of all the other important tasks? Because

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What metrics should interim pastors watch?

How does an intentional interim pastor build a winning program in a client church overshadowed by mega-church-in-a-box franchises with unlimited budgets and oodles of free publicity? Careful research and metrics that matter. As in Baseball… Moneyball is the story of how the 2002 Oakland Athletics built a winning team on a minuscule budget. The plot revolves around

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Trends in charitable giving

Interim pastors. Churches in transition. A challenging economy. Budget problems. They all seem to go hand-in-hand these days! Amancay Maahs via Compfight A new poll by the Barna Group (“New Barna Study Explores Trends Among American Donors“)offers insight into Americans’ charitable giving habits during 2012. The implications for 2013 are provocative; they suggest that interim

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