Leadership Development


How an interim pastor helps church leaders step it up

What does an experienced interim pastor do when church leaders are used to skating past their duties? The departed pastor vacated after a twenty year run. He ran things for the last seven, so the lay leaders got used to operating pro forma without doing much actual work. Your job as the interim pastor is

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10 tactics to set the next pastor up for success when you resign

You’ve made your decision; it’s time to resign your pastoral position. Or perhaps it’s been made for you; either submit a “constructive resignation” or be terminated. How do you set the stage for the next pastor to succeed? It’s never easy to resign a pastoral position. If you’ve been called to another ministry you’re probably

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One word that will revolutionize your decision making

AND Image Credit: Julia Manzerova via Compfight Three letters. A simple conjunction. It coordinates two items of equal syntactic importance. Use it to replace another conjunction when framing an important decision. Instead of OR, use AND. Interim pastors often have to train lay leaders how to make good decisions. Teaching them to use this word

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The interim pastor’s guide to choosing a transition team

An interim pastor has it easier in one regard: the church hired you to accomplish one specific task. Your job, which you have chosen to accept, is to deal with the issues that hinder the church’s ministry. If you’re smart about this you’ll recruit a transition team to help you tackle big problems. The transition

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Interim pastors can ride the wave without getting swamped

Interim pastors sometimes find themselves called to a church without knowing that it is on the cusp of explosive growth. This happened to me once before and now it looks like I’m in for my second wild ride. Image credit: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo If rapid growth overtakes an ill-prepared church you (the interim

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