Leadership Development

7 Must-Does for Evangelism in Post-Christian America

The British missionary Lesslie Newbigin went to India around 1950. There he was involved with a church living ‘in mission’ in a very non-Christian culture. When he returned to England some 30 years later, he discovered that now the Western church too existed in a non-Christian society, but it had not adapted to its new

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Conflict Can Lead to Better Relationships

Roy and Josh were stuck. They were at loggerheads. Months of chronic low-grade conflict had worn them down. Their best efforts to deal with “the problem” as mature, spiritual men had proven futile. Now the challenge was how to move forward. Settle for an uneasy truce, constant vigilance, and the likelihood of further scrapes? Should

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5 reasons pastors must be assertive

There are at least five reasons why the pastors of plateaued and declining churches should master the skills of assertive leadership. 1. Plateaued churches need assertive pastors. Plateaued churches are on a plateau for a reason. They’ve settled into habits of busyness that no longer produce meaningful spiritual results in the lives of the members.

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Relationships: 1 Key to Church Turnaround Leadership

It’s a stark fact most pastors wish they could avoid. The person most responsible for leading a dying church into life and growth sits in the chair behind the desk in the office that says “Pastor” on the door. The problem is that most pastors have no idea how to do it. The problem is

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1 powerful tool for building turnaround leadership teams

The Birkman Method™ takes the guesswork out of building a great church staff! The light snapped on when he realized that “grabbing the bull by the horns” threatened his ministry colleague. The colleague saw the light when he realized that standing back, content to let his friend run things, contributed to the problem. Their three

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When it’s a waste of time to train pastors …

Pastor Fred (not his real name) was excited, energized, and confident after attending a Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp. He learned what to do and how to do it. Tom (not his real name), a key lay leader in the church who attended the Boot Camp with Fred, was on board. Maybe, just maybe, this would

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Training Pastors @ Boot Camp – it works!

Training pastors in an intense, concentrated week. The Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp offers unique value because it combines reliable research on effective turnaround leadership, the biblical foundations of pastoral leadership, and proven tools that work in any ministry setting. Our training program includes:

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Training Pastors: Boot Camp A Success!

The last week of April 2016 was a milestone for Turnaround Pastors. Not only was it a blessed opportunity to serve pastors at our Boot Camp, hosted at the Craigsville Campground, we made a giant step forward in moving our research findings using The Birkman Method deeper into the training. A common refrain, repeated by

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