Interim Pastor’s Journal: Week Four

I’m slowly settling into my role as the intentional interim pastor. I helped plan the service and I led several elements in addition to the preaching. My sense is that the service flowed more smoothly and the audience response – after the service ended – suggests that they felt a deep connection with the Lord’s

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Thank you!

We are thankful for the privilege of serving clergy, churches and God’s people in far-flung places on the globe – places we have never seen. This map from Google Analytics displays the many regions of the world where our readers are found.  

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“Navigating from the Pulpit: Part One”

Note: This is the first draft of the second installment of a book on preaching for Transition Pastors. The first installment is here.   Part One: The Big Picture Overview It is ironic that the largest North American religious group to prominently feature kingdom theology in its official doctrinal statements is neither Christian in its

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