Job Descriptions

Conditions for successful Turnaround Pastors

“Make corporate propaganda feel like folksy truisms” is how one Ad Director summed up his job. A Lifeguard said that her job consisted of “insuring that stupid people remain in the gene pool.” How would you summarize the job description of a pastor who is charged with turning a dying church around? Your answer will

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When it’s a waste of time to train pastors …

Pastor Fred (not his real name) was excited, energized, and confident after attending a Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp. He learned what to do and how to do it. Tom (not his real name), a key lay leader in the church who attended the Boot Camp with Fred, was on board. Maybe, just maybe, this would

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5 Leadership Lessons Learned By Disappointing Others

Life’s most important lessons are often the costliest. They may cost suffering. They may cost time. They may cost failure. They may cost loss. They may cost loneliness. Some even cost money. Life has taught me some hard lessons. God will provide when the cupboard’s empty and the paycheck stopped coming in. You will recover

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3 Reasons it’s stupid to prefer older pastors

What do you tell a discouraged seminary graduate who runs into the dreaded “10 years minimum experience” requirement? I recently spoke to graduating seminarians about the daunting task of finding vocational ministry employment in today’s church culture. During one of the Q&A sessions this question came up. I offered some specific guidance on how to approach

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Is this the Interim Pastor’s most important task?

Interim pastors have plenty of “crucial” tasks to accomplish when leading a church in transition. But if everything’s important then nothing’s important, right? So let tell you my thought on the the interim pastor’s most important skill: training the pastor search team. Why is this the most important of all the other important tasks? Because

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Use one of these when looking for an interim pastor

There are two ways to find an interim pastor (or any pastor for that matter). Cast a wide net. Wait for something to swim into it. Or use one of these. This post is Part 3 of an ongoing (by fits and starts) series about how to retain a skilled interim pastor. Part 1 offered

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 1

So you’ve answered the question. A decision is made. After prayer, discussion, consultation and considerable discussion – and conducting a brief assessment – the church‘s leaders agree: we need an interim pastor. They turn to you and ask, “Will you take the lead in helping us find an interim pastor?” Now what?

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If you must interview pastor candidates consult these resources

I’ve worn out the keyboard on my iMac lobbying for more reliable alternatives to the typical unstructured interview process that most churches use in the search process. Knowing that most churches and some interim pastors aren’t yet ready to give it up, I’ve  outlined some best interview practices, and suggested a workflow to developing a

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