Interim Pastor

10 reasons interim pastors rock

They leave before it is expedient that they take a powder They have enough good sermons to last for the transition period They help church folks define their own ministry vision They are stalwart folk; you can shoot ’em and they keep on going They love training people to succeed in ministry They don’t panic

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10 churches I won’t serve as interim pastor

You’re an interim pastor looking for the next call. A potential client church is toying with the idea of retaining your services. After the first consult you get a gut feeling that something’s not right. If you don’t dig further or if you jump in because you need the job you may wake up one

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Make ’em relish that interim pastor’s report

How do you get church folks to read the important stuff? Like, say, that assessment report that details the problems and maps out the solutions? Cut it up into tasty pieces that they can handle, one at a time. Interim pastors have to deal with a dilemma when it comes to the assessment report. You

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Why I’m angry with church planters

I’m angry at church planters. Well, two of them at least. Twice I’ve been called as the intentional interim pastor to churches that had been ill-served by the planting pastor. Both churches were in financial trouble, on the verge of ruin, and in serious danger of losing their properties when I was called. Both churches

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6 ways to deal with an interim pastor’s self-doubt

Things aren’t going the way you planned. Progress has run into resistance from those who once championed the cause. You’ve tried everything you know to do but nothing seems to break the log jam. Now attendance is beginning to dwindle and so is the income. Then you start to ask, “Am I up to this?

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The power phrase that pushes people to think strategically

You’re the interim pastor. The church called you to turn it around, tear down barriers and move it forward several centuries. You’ve made progress. Attendance is up, finances are looking good and a few on the church council are warming to your leadership. Then, one morning when  you walk into the office an angered mama

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10 reasons why I love interim ministry

I’m a utility player who does a fair job in a variety of positions. I’ve been a solo pastor, a senior pastor, a staff pastor and an intentional interim pastor. That last is my favorite spot on the roster and I’m especially well suited for it as a mellowing Type-A, high D trouble-shoooter. Intentional interim

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