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Is it time to dump the Gatorade?

Is it time for you – the Interim Pastor – to give your client church the “Gatorade treatment”? Not the victory celebration. I’m talking about a cold dose of reality, that may be the only thing that will wake a slumbering congregation. The “problem” beneath symptoms and causes Let me suggest that the real problem that

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How Interim Pastors Build Trust With Churches

How does an interim pastor gain the trust of people burned by the departing pastor? You’d better know the answer this one or they won’t trust you. If they don’t, they won’t follow. If they don’t follow, you fail. It’s not your fault. The departed pastor took advantage of his position. He didn’t cooperate with

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 2

The first article in this series offered guidance on three issues that churches considering retaining an interim pastor need to address. Deciding on the kind of interim pastor your church should retain. Determining the cost of retaining an interim pastor (and what a church stands to lose if it doesn’t) The church board’s first task

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The right way to hire an interim pastor – Part 1

So you’ve answered the question. A decision is made. After prayer, discussion, consultation and considerable discussion – and conducting a brief assessment – the church‘s leaders agree: we need an interim pastor. They turn to you and ask, “Will you take the lead in helping us find an interim pastor?” Now what?

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6 Traits of Effective Interim Pastors

Do you have what it takes to be an effective change leader, a skilled interim pastor? For that matter, how do you know if you’ve been called to serve as an interim pastor? I guess the answer is the same for every variety of vocational ministry. As my favorite Bible college teacher told a group

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Scientific Proof: Interim Pastors Must Act Decisively

Is it smart for Interim Pastors to step into the middle of a dog fight? Or should they stay out of the way until things cool off and sweep it under the rug (lest you fire up another spat)? I have argued that Interim Pastors need to tackle church discipline quickly, and that we should

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6 reasons Interim Pastors must push people to change

Leo Tolstoy summed up the dilemma of all Intentional Interim Pastors: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. An Intentional Interim Pastor1 cannot fulfill her call without coaxing, counseling, praying, encouraging and – when needed – pushing change. An Intentional Interim Pastor who doesn’t approach his call intent on reworking the congregation

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1 good reason interim pastors should leave the backdoor wide open

People slipping out the back door and out of the life of the church is one of the last things interim pastors should worry about. Writers have sacrificed billions of electrons to articles about closing the church’s back door. But virtually everyone overlooks perfectly good reasons why it should be left open. The church’s back

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