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Lessons learned while recovering from my last interim

What do you do when the motivation just isn’t there? I’m wrestling with that right now. Well, maybe not wrestling. Thinking about wrestling. Sorta like this guy. As of yesterday it’s been exactly five weeks since I handed the baton to Pastor Drew Arliksas at Mountain Vista Bible Church and hit the door. Since then

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Is this the piece missing from the Interim Pastor’s puzzle?

Are intentional interim pastors missing an important piece of the puzzle? How do we explain the fact that some churches are receptive to change and others aren’t? Where do we turn when we’ve used up our best chops? We’ve conducted a thorough assessment We’ve lead the transitional leadership team in developing a plan Our preaching

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Interim pastors have to pull teeth in turnaround churches

At first, it was hard to pinpoint. The only clue was an occasional sense something wasn’t right. In time it was followed by a dull ache that cropped up on occasion. The frequency increased, but the discomfort never lasted long. Finally, I mentioned it during my semi-annual dental check-up. She asked, “Have you been experiencing

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Who’s your neighbor now? 4 Answers.

If you’re an intentional interim pastor you’ll eventually have to answer the question. It will come up because you – the deliberate change agent – will challenge your client church to deal with its inexcusable inward focus. Interim pastors provoke congregations to think long and hard about neighbors. When you ask, “What are you doing

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Be a master problem solver by doing nothing!

When should an interim pastor step back and let the client congregation figure it out for themselves? My default mode as an interim pastor can handicap a church. Too often I respond to a problem by thinking, “I’m the interim pastor. They hired me to fix things.” And then I fix things. I’ve learned that

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Is this the Interim Pastor’s most important task?

Interim pastors have plenty of “crucial” tasks to accomplish when leading a church in transition. But if everything’s important then nothing’s important, right? So let tell you my thought on the the interim pastor’s most important skill: training the pastor search team. Why is this the most important of all the other important tasks? Because

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Use one of these when looking for an interim pastor

There are two ways to find an interim pastor (or any pastor for that matter). Cast a wide net. Wait for something to swim into it. Or use one of these. This post is Part 3 of an ongoing (by fits and starts) series about how to retain a skilled interim pastor. Part 1 offered

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Why It’s A Smart Idea to Silence Complainers

Since you will be dumber for listening to them, doesn’t it make sense that interim pastors ought to silence the whiners and complainers in their client churches? Letting them complain doesn’t solve anything. Ignoring them may calm your nerves but everyone else is still left on edge Letting them complain invites a culture of criticism

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Thanks to the folks at for posting “5 Reasons Why it’s Better for Interim Pastors to Juggle Hand Grenades than Politics” on their website. Theirs is a resource rich website that you should bookmark and visit frequently.

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