Identity in Christ


Turnaround Pastors – What Others Are Saying

Is the lack of turnaround pastors really a problem? Or am I a little boy with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail?   I’ve written on needy pastors – those who will find it very difficult to be turnaround pastors – here and here. A “needy pastor” is one who tries to

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Turnaround pastors are immune to this deadly addiction

Addiction ruins many pastors. Philip Seymour Hoffman died with a heroin needle in his arm. That was his drug of choice, his means of escape from a life of futility. Do you know the addiction that kills more ministries and churches than all others? The Needy Pastor’s Drug of Choice

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Turnaround Pastors Know Who They Are. Do You?

Turnaround pastors give unique answers to two important questions, answers very different than those given by their ministry colleagues. What is true about me because I’m made in God’s image? What is true of me because I am in Christ? Although I don’t have definitive proof – yet – I suspect that turnaround pastors are uniquely

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