Funny Church Signs 2/12/2015

I’ve been buried in research and writing course lectures for the last three weeks. I need a bit of levity today, so enjoy these funny church signs with me! Funny Church Signs [slideshow_deploy id=’5857′]

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10 reasons interim pastors rock

They leave before it is expedient that they take a powder They have enough good sermons to last for the transition period They help church folks define their own ministry vision They are stalwart folk; you can shoot ’em and they keep on going They love training people to succeed in ministry They don’t panic

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He is the most interesting preacher in the world…

He is the most interesting preacher in the world: Haddon Robinson uses his sermon  illustrations His preaching wakes those in persistent vegetative comas The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in his library America’s Gross Domestic Product rises 3% when he prays over the offering Audiences are spellbound by his asides on textual criticism Chuck

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10 signs you’ve been an interim pastor too long

You know you’ve been an interim pastor for too long when: 24 months at the same church seems like a long term tenure You’re ready to move on as soon as you learn everyone’s first name You use the Lifecycle chart to explain the eschatology of the Book of Revelation You expect that all church

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