3 mental barriers to growth

Sometimes the obstacle to a church’s growth is lodged between the ears of the person many call Pastor. Plateaued churches are often stuck due to three factors in a pastor’s thinking: neurological, sociological and psychological. Neurological barrier: Dunbar’s Number “If we start a second service, we won’t be able to know everybody!” Pastors bump up

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Four Crucial (And Neglected) Issues for Church Greeters

It would be easy to come up with a list of 10 issues for church greeters. Some church gurus even offer them as a free download to join their mailing list! But my experience and observation is that four crucial issues are often neglected. 1.  Start with Greeters in the Parking Lot (or doors), and

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Hospitality at the 2nd friendliest church in town

After a recent move a friend (we’ll call her Sue) decided to find a church nearer her home. She began her search by checking out a nearby mega-church. Despite their claims, it was an unfriendly experience. Three episodes showed that “friendliness” was an aspirational rather than an actual value at this church. She received a “free” coffee coupon they

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If I Had a Do-over—Reel 1

The sixties. Not the decade fifty years ago, but the age swiftly overtaking a person who once hoped to remain forever young. My sixties. When I sit down with my peers, now over decaf not Mountain Dew. Trying not to dwell on meds and memories, focusing more on completing the course and inspiring others to

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What churches can learn from Google about hospitality

Imagine you’re in charge of Google’s plan to bring fast Internet to America’s cities. You need a bit of cooperation from city governments. If you put yourself in Google’s shoes, you’ll know how church visitors feel. Obscure rules that hinder entry. Inefficient communications. Hard-to-get information. Unwillingness to share. Indifference. Government Challenges for Google Those are

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Stun your guests with God’s surprising grace

Church visitors, especially those who have never been to church before, are often amazed to learn of God’s love and grace. It amazes them to hear that God loves all people. That’s the experience we want them to have on their first visit. Well, that’s what we’d like every person to experience every time they’re

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Guess what I learned by looking for a church?

Who knew that finding a church would be so hard? For the first time in 28 years we found ourselves living in a large city, looking for a church where we fit in. The intervening 28 years we’ve lived in four small communities in largely rural counties. In each of those communities we easily found a

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Turnaround Pastors Tell New Hospitality Stories

Is it time to tell a new story? Sing a new song? Turnaround Pastors know how to harness the power of narrative – the stories we tell ourselves – to change the culture in a static or dying congregation. In this post we’ll explore how writing new narratives can revolutionize a common trouble spot in

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6 Important People an Interim Pastor Should Dine With

How does an Interim Pastor quickly develop the congregation’s trust? Is there a socially acceptable way to connect with people, win them over and do it sincerely – without being creepy or manipulative? Dine with the right folks. Paul Borden recommends meals, particularly breakfast and lunch, as times to conduct ministry (Make or Break Your

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