3 mental barriers to growth

Sometimes the obstacle to a church’s growth is lodged between the ears of the person many call Pastor. Plateaued churches are often stuck due to three factors in a pastor’s thinking: neurological, sociological and psychological. Neurological barrier: Dunbar’s Number “If we start a second service, we won’t be able to know everybody!” Pastors bump up

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Four Crucial (And Neglected) Issues for Church Greeters

It would be easy to come up with a list of 10 issues for church greeters. Some church gurus even offer them as a free download to join their mailing list! But my experience and observation is that four crucial issues are often neglected. 1.  Start with Greeters in the Parking Lot (or doors), and

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Hospitality at the 2nd friendliest church in town

After a recent move a friend (we’ll call her Sue) decided to find a church nearer her home. She began her search by checking out a nearby mega-church. Despite their claims, it was an unfriendly experience. Three episodes showed that “friendliness” was an aspirational rather than an actual value at this church. She received a “free” coffee coupon they

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10 Mother’s Day Tips for Interim Pastors

If you are currently serving as an interim pastor, another great opportunity to introduce beneficial change lurks on the next page of your monthly calendar. Mother’s Day (May 12 this year) gives intentional interim ministers the chance to help a transitioning church see ministry opportunity through “outreach eyes.” Most everyone in the church will welcome

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Interim pastors can ride the wave without getting swamped

Interim pastors sometimes find themselves called to a church without knowing that it is on the cusp of explosive growth. This happened to me once before and now it looks like I’m in for my second wild ride. Image credit: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo If rapid growth overtakes an ill-prepared church you (the interim

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8 things Apple can teach about church hospitality

Church hospitality teams can learn a lot about the care and feeding of the church visitor from Apple, one of the most profitable retailers ever. Apple’s success isn’t due to iPads and operating systems; it’s about how they train their employees. Carmine Gallo, in his book The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer

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7 simple steps to 1st rate church hospitality

  When was the last time you visited a place that billed itself as “the unfriendliest church in town?” Me either. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. But they’re out there in spirit if not in name. Tim Dolan reports that one of his lay ministry students found one. As an assignment, I

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What does the research say about attracting church visitors?

[dc]H[/dc]Heal the sick, raise the dead and fill the pews – preferably with young families who’ll bring some vitality and energy to this place. That’s the interim pastor’s call, isn’t it? But it’s a trap, a real Catch-22. The reality is that aging congregations trapped in a death spiral generally don’t want to make the

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