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1 Helpful Tool for Church Revitalization

You got to know who’s out there! Since this is my blog post, I get to define a couple of key terms. That’s one of the benefits of writing; you get to be sovereign in your own little world, even if no one else is in it! In the world my colleagues and I inhabit,

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Help Us Help Your Pastor

Chances are you’re in a church that’s on the plateau, or on the down hill slide. The chances are great, in fact. 85% of the churches in America are either stuck on the dime or they’re in a death spiral. It takes a special kind of pastor to turn these churches around. But those pastors

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Turnaround Pastors Aren’t Like Everyone Else

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.”1 F. Scott Fitzgerald’s pungent observation of the rich can be said of Turnaround pastors.2 They are different from their ministry colleagues. But the differences are deeper, more fundamental than the results of their ministry. These differences don’t lie in what Turnaround pastors

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What happens when pastors value preaching too much?

Is it possible to overemphasize the importance of preaching the Word to the detriment of the church’s numerical growth? Is it possible to overemphasize local outreach so much that the church actually decreases in size as a result? Apparently so. These are the shocking findings (at least on the surface) recently published. Authors David Dunaetz

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Turnaround Pastors – What Others Are Saying

Is the lack of turnaround pastors really a problem? Or am I a little boy with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail?   I’ve written on needy pastors – those who will find it very difficult to be turnaround pastors – here and here. A “needy pastor” is one who tries to

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10 Reasons We Must All Be Turnaround Pastors

There’s a surprisingly simple solution to the problem. We must all be turnaround pastors. But you need to see the problem before the solution makes sense. The Church in America is losing ground. Churches are failing to keep up with America’s surging population. We are fighting a rearguard action in the “culture wars” while many

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