Emotional Independence


Why Turnaround Pastors Embrace Debate Others Avoid

“Because I’m the mean dad and I said so.” That’s the “magic response” I stumbled into by accident. It has this amazing power to stop the unending chain of “Why?” questions emanating from toddlers and small children. I used it on my children after four or five, “But why, Daddy?” queries when they weren’t asking

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Become a turnaround pastor by cutting loose!

Can you be a turnaround pastor if you’re tied in knots by your need for praise and affirmation? No You can’t. Craving praise and affirmation robs you of emotional independence, a hallmark of effective turnaround pastors. An earlier post[foot]”Turnaround Pastors Know Who They Are“.[/foot] cites the evidence that this is a hallmark – an essential distinction

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Which of these headline questions sticks a thumb in your eye?

Which of these headline leads reaches out, grabs you by the throat, and sinks its thumbs into your windpipe? What’s the proper reaction to the video of the ranting pastor berating his congregation? Did you know your reaction to an online video reveals whether you’re the pastor of a growing church or not? How does

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