Emotional Independence

How to rise above conflict

Hostility, sabotage and open conflict. That is the lot of the pastor who leads change. Anyone brave enough to be pastor must possess steel in the spine, ice water in the veins and a steady hand at the helm. The American church needs a pastor “who is less likely to become lost in the anxious

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Why Pain Precedes Change

Only once has a physician told me, “This will hurt.” The anesthesiologist prepping me for eye surgery brandished a long, curved hypodermic needle more suitable for use on horses than my eye. Although he had me loaded with morphine, the injection into my optic nerve was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. But when it

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Why must elders be good family leaders?

After his older brother was baptized in church, little Tommy sobbed all the way home. Three times his father asked what was wrong. Finally, Tommy replied, “The pastor prayed that Billy would be brought up in a Christian home. I want him to stay with us!” Every parent enjoys a moment of delight, often brought on

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Turnaround Pastors Stand Apart

His downfall happened when his emotional reserves were exhausted. His sister’s unexpected death left him reeling. She was an esteemed member of the community (she once sought the top leadership post) who had walked with him through decades of difficult ministry. The shock and depression that attend grief struck him, leaving him ill-equipped to deal

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5 Leadership Lessons Learned By Disappointing Others

Life’s most important lessons are often the costliest. They may cost suffering. They may cost time. They may cost failure. They may cost loss. They may cost loneliness. Some even cost money. Life has taught me some hard lessons. God will provide when the cupboard’s empty and the paycheck stopped coming in. You will recover

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3 Leadership Lessons From A Gadget Designer

Turnaround pastors can learn a lot about leadership from a guy who designs gadgets for a living. Seriously. The designer’s relentless focus on form, function and beauty should be part and parcel of every pastor’s philsophy of ministry. These “best practices” are hallmarks of the successful Turnaround pastor. Case in point: Jony Ive, Senior Vice

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What smart pastors do when there’s not enough

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZrgxHvNNUc There’s never enough, is there? Pick a commodity you need to do your job (or shall we sugar coat it as “perform your ministry”?). No matter what it is – other than God’s grace, the Word’s sufficiency or the Spirit’s power – chances are that you’d agree that there’s not enough. That’s certainly true

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