Scientific Proof: Interim Pastors Must Act Decisively

Is it smart for Interim Pastors to step into the middle of a dog fight? Or should they stay out of the way until things cool off and sweep it under the rug (lest you fire up another spat)? I have argued that Interim Pastors need to tackle church discipline quickly, and that we should

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Should the interim pastor exercise discipline in this case?

Should the interim pastor to exercise church discipline in this case? Is it ever permissible for an interim pastor to discipline someone who isn’t technically guilty of a sin identified as such in scripture? Imagine this scenario. [Caveat: this is not a situation I’ve encountered, and by posing this scenario I’m not making any comments

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6 ways to show grace when feeling grumpy

One Sunday morning he slept through the alarm. He just didn’t feel up for church. His wife elbowed him. “Get up. You’ll be late to church.” “I don’t want to go today. I’m tired. The people at that church aren’t nice to me. They are unfriendly, they say things behind my back and I feel

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Interim pastors – a seminar for you

The Alban Institute is offering a seminar that should interest many an intentional interim pastor. “Dealing with Difficult Behaviors” has several learning objectives that belong in every interim pastor’s tool kit. What will you learn? To identify when a problem is actually being caused by a difficult person and when something else is the root

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