Three Things Tom Brady Can Teach Pastors

Sam Darnold, QB of USC is being projected as the first pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  Why? “After his pro day performance in the rain, Darnold to the Browns at No. 1 overall became the overwhelming consensus.” (Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports, 3/26/2018) Do JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf and Jeff George bring back any memories?  Each one

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Sharing Faith in Post-Christian America, Part 3

“The Church is the only organization that does not exist for itself, but for those who live outside of it.” – William Temple (Church of England, https://bit.ly/29Wpx6K) Let’s be honest. It is hard to swallow that your church doesn’t exist for you. Pastors feel pressured for their church to grow. Members want a place of spiritual vitality

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When should a church initiate change?

My colleague and ministry partner Gordon Penfold’s favorite refrain has one line: “Successful turnaround takes a capable pastor and a willing church.” Our research and Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp© training address the first requirement. It is doubtful that every pastor will become a turnaround rock star, but all of them can become more effective change

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Every sermon must include this

Preachers are never lacking in what to preach. Topical and verse-by-verse preachers share the same library of 66 books. Every page is filled with stuff to preach. But sometimes we lose sight of why we’re preaching. Expository preachers think they’re supposed to preach the geek stuff. Topical preachers think they’re supposed to make the Bible

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The Turnaround Pastor’s Greatest Challenge: Making Disciples

What’s the Turnaround Pastor’s greatest challenge, the one that outweighs all others? Maybe you think it’s one of these: Getting the church on a solid financial footing Eliminating unproductive programs and activities Renewing passion and vision in the church’s leaders Resolving long running conflicts between members Initiating church discipline against an errant saint Discerning God’s vision Revitalizing stale worship services

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