Taking the Guesswork Out of Pastoral Selection

What would it be worth if you could pinpoint which pastor candidate will succeed in leading that stagnant church through turnaround? What would it do for your confidence as a member of that Pastor Search Team if you knew the candidate you’re recommending has what it takes to revitalize your church? How much easier would

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1 powerful tool for building turnaround leadership teams

The Birkman Method™ takes the guesswork out of building a great church staff! The light snapped on when he realized that “grabbing the bull by the horns” threatened his ministry colleague. The colleague saw the light when he realized that standing back, content to let his friend run things, contributed to the problem. Their three

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Consultants are servants, not experts

Sometimes I’m ensnared by a subtle trap that lays in wait for the hapless church consultant. When pastors and church leaders pay attention to whatever bit of advice or wisdom I may have to share, I’m lulled into the mistaken notion that I’m the expert. Recently, and thankfully, I was disabused of this silly notion.

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When should a church initiate change?

My colleague and ministry partner Gordon Penfold’s favorite refrain has one line: “Successful turnaround takes a capable pastor and a willing church.” Our research and Turnaround Pastors Boot Camp© training address the first requirement. It is doubtful that every pastor will become a turnaround rock star, but all of them can become more effective change

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Help Us Help Your Pastor

Chances are you’re in a church that’s on the plateau, or on the down hill slide. The chances are great, in fact. 85% of the churches in America are either stuck on the dime or they’re in a death spiral. It takes a special kind of pastor to turn these churches around. But those pastors

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