10 steps to benefitting from conflict

It’s like ripping off a bandage to bathe the wound in healing sunlight. Unpleasant. Even painful. But the end result is health and restoration. That’s what church conflict is like. Painful but, when treated properly, the path to a healthy church and a stronger, more confident pastor. At least that’s the results of a survey

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The hidden sources of church conflict

Pastor, can you pinpoint the hidden sources of conflict in your congregation? If not, how will you manage them? Thankfully, you’re not left to your own devices on this one! The Bible lays it out pretty clearly. I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that

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Where would you draw the line?

How would you react when the church you’re serving as an intentional interim pastor gets wrapped around the axle over a basic “Christianity 101” doctrine of the faith? The last thing you need is a “headache” but you’ve also got a call – to speak to the needs of the congregation that were surfaced in

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Interim pastors have to pull teeth in turnaround churches

At first, it was hard to pinpoint. The only clue was an occasional sense something wasn’t right. In time it was followed by a dull ache that cropped up on occasion. The frequency increased, but the discomfort never lasted long. Finally, I mentioned it during my semi-annual dental check-up. She asked, “Have you been experiencing

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Why It’s A Smart Idea to Silence Complainers

Since you will be dumber for listening to them, doesn’t it make sense that interim pastors ought to silence the whiners and complainers in their client churches? Letting them complain doesn’t solve anything. Ignoring them may calm your nerves but everyone else is still left on edge Letting them complain invites a culture of criticism

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Scientific Proof: Interim Pastors Must Act Decisively

Is it smart for Interim Pastors to step into the middle of a dog fight? Or should they stay out of the way until things cool off and sweep it under the rug (lest you fire up another spat)? I have argued that Interim Pastors need to tackle church discipline quickly, and that we should

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How to Proactively Manage Resistance to Change

This afternoon I put the finishing touches on another article for American Church Magazine, under the title of “How to Proactively Manage Resistance to Change.” When I was looking for stuff to plagiarize doing my research I inadvertently veered into an exceptionally informative and illuminating slide presentation, “Why Is Change So Hard?” by Joakim Karlson.

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